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Citizens of the Third Rome. (2010)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:38:55.059 to collection B 4/22/2014

Dergavotvor famous idea of the Moscow kingdom as the Third Rome was launched at the turn of XV-XVI centuries elder Filofeem - abbot of Spaso-Eleazar Monastery.

Foremost among the citizens of the Third Rome - Holy Russia - became a monk - and reverend prelates.

Among them was the elder contemporary Philotheus - Reverend Neil Stolobensky.

Sergius cell. (2008)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:39:10.854 to collection B 4/22/2014

The film tells about the life of the Moscow Theological Academy, located on the territory of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra (Sergiev Posad).

Simple Bishop. (2012)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:27:00.018 to collection B 4/22/2014

The film continues the theme of the Metropolitan of Moscow, started painting "rebellion against the Saints," and tells the story of Metropolitan Innocent (Benjamin) - outstanding missionary, scholar and statesman, who served 45 years of dedication to the cause of the spread of Christianity in Russian America, Siberia, and the Aleutian Islands Islands, Kamchatka and in the Amur region.

Skobelev march. (2003)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:27:25.806 to collection B 4/22/2014

Over 19 years of operational career Skobeleff General conducted 70 battles and engagements.

And all ended in victory!

The soldiers said: "If Skobeleff not win, then no one wins." Envied him generals, he was loved and adored by officers soldiers.

His adored the entire Russian people.

Easter '45. (2006)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:30:00.277 to collection B 4/22/2014

The Great Patriotic War began on June 22, 1941. Persecuted Church in the Soviet Union did not hesitate to stand on protecting the homeland.

The war became so explosion of national consciousness, people who returned to the temple.

Symbolic beginning of the war was the feast day of Russian saints and equally symbolic that victory came during the celebration of Easter.

Country Varlamov. (2002)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:30:58.545 to collection B 4/22/2014

What can you do alone in the deserted village of the villagers?

Drink bitter?

Varlamov passionate about creativity.

He creates unique sculptures of famous people, filling their lives and the lives of villagers living alone worthy content.

Dr. Berestov. (2006)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:32:30.917 to collection B 4/22/2014

The film is about the difficult routine neurologist, doctor of medical sciences and priest, Father Anatoly (Berestov).

In the film, people appear, saved his father Anatoly from addictions.

Art painting.. (1981)

Documentary, 4 parts, Duration: 0:36:49.835 to collection G 4/21/2014

The film series "Folk art in the Soviet Union" was filmed in places of traditional folk crafts, lacquer - Gorodets, Palekh, Fedoskino Zhostovo, Suzdal, etc.

Folk Art | National culture | Visual Arts

Philippines.. (1974)

Documentary, 3 parts, Duration: 0:28:05.929 to collection G 4/21/2014

The film vividly reflected peculiarities of the country seven thousand islands.

. (1992)

Documentary, 6 parts, Duration: 0:58:47.179 to collection G 4/21/2014

The film tells about the theater under the direction R.Viktyuka about its features, chief director of originality.