Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

The text is a translation for information purposes and, to avoid confusion, the Russian document version shall prevail.

  1. Net-Film processes personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and additionally, where applicable, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  2. The User Agreement at and the Documents specified in the User Agreement are an integral part of the Policy.
  3. The following terms and definitions are used herein, in the meaning specified in the User Agreement: Website, Net-Film, User.

Other terms and definitions can be provided in the text hereof.

  1. Net-Film uses cookies on the Website in order to distinguish each User from other Website users. This provides a convenient Website browsing, as well as makes it possible to improve it. In order to continue working with the Website, each User shall accept the use of cookies.
  2. Using cookies and other similar technologies on the Website and within the Website services by Net-Film:
    1. What are cookies and what does Net-Film use them for?
      • Cookies are text files transferred to the browser from the website the User visits, located on the device the User runs to access the Website. They contain information collected from the User's device and sent back to the Website at each subsequent visit in order to remember the User's actions and preferences after the expiration of time (for example: the preferable language of the User, etc.). With them, the User can quickly and rationally navigate between pages and sections of the Website / Website services. Cookies make the Website browsing and using the Website services more convenient for the User.
      • Cookies can be persistent (stored on the computer until the User deletes them), or temporary (session cookies) (valid until the User closes the Internet browser).
      • In addition, cookies can be primary, installed from the website the User visits, and third-party, installed by other persons not belonging to the Website owner.
      • The User is not obliged to accept cookies in order to use the Website and/or the Website services. However, if the User has blocked cookies, some or all of the functions and resources of the Website and/or the Website services may start working incorrectly, or stop working at all, which will affect the quality of the User's interaction with the Website and/or the Website services.
      • As defined by European personal data protection regulators, cookies may include profiling cookies for advertising purposes, audience retargeting cookies, social media cookies and analytical cookies, except those used exclusively for general statistical analysis.
    2. Net-Film uses the following types of cookies:
      • strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are necessary for the Website operation and for providing the User with the Website services; in addition, they allow Net-Film to identify the User's hardware and software, including the Internet browser type; they are also used for the User registration and when logging into the Website and/or the Website services. Without them, the services the User request become unavailable, if they are provided on the Website and/or as part of the Website services. These cookies are essential and can be either persistent or temporary;
      • analytical cookies, statistical cookies: these cookies allow to recognize the Users, count them and collect information, such as operations the User performed on the Website and in the Website services, including information about web pages the User visited and content the User receives;
      • technical cookies: these cookies (mainly session cookies) collect information on the User interaction with the Website and/or the Website services, to identify errors and test new features to improve the Website and the Website services performance; as a rule, these types of cookies do not require the prior User's consent;
      • functional cookies: these cookies allow providing certain functions to make it easier for the User to use the Website, for example, by storing the User's preferences (such as language and location);
      • third party cookies, advertising/marketing cookies, audience retargeting cookies: these cookies collect information about the Users, traffic sources, pages visited and advertisements displayed for the User, as well as the page where the User came to the advertised page from. They allow displaying advertisements that may interest the User, based on the analysis of the collected Personal Information of the User. They are also used for statistical and research purposes. Advertising cookies are only placed by third parties approved by Net-Film, such as advertisers and their agents. These cookies are associated with advertisements on the Website provided by third parties approved by Net-Film. These cookies can be either persistent or temporary.
      • social media cookies: these cookies may be placed in connection with integration of third-party website applications, in particular social media applications, into the Website and/or the Website services. Such applications sometimes include scripts or other items that can read and sometimes place cookies from the specified social networks on the User's device; these cookies also allow to personalize advertising. Despite the fact that Net-Film does not have access to such cookies and cannot control them in any way or the data they collect, due to the fact that the Administration is only the Net-Film Website operator, but the Administration considers it important to inform the User about this and obtain the User's permission to use such items.
    3. All these cookies are installed only after the prior User's consent, by expressing consent on a special service information bar that appears upon the first website visit, and informing the User that:
      • the Website uses analytical, profiling and audience retargeting cookies belonging to the Administration or third parties and that by closing this bar or continuing browsing by clicking on any Website object outside the bar or going to another section of the Website, the User consents to the use of cookies.
      • The User's consent (if any) will be recorded using a special technical cookie, and in the future, the above cookie service bar will no longer be shown on a subsequent visit to the Website and/or the Website services.
      • If upon the User's approval to use cookies, he/she wants to change mind, the User can do this by deleting the cookies stored in the User's browser (please refer to the browser manual or its developer's website). Thereafter, a pop-up window/service bar may be displayed again requesting the User's consent, and the User can make a different choice. The User is free to decide at any time to block the placement of profiling cookies (regardless of whether they are analytical cookies, social media cookies or audience retargeting cookies belonging to third parties) or revoke any previously given consent without affecting his/her capability to visit the Website. If the User refuses to use cookies, or blocks cookies in the Internet browser, this may lead to inaccessibility of some or all of the functions and/or sections of the Website (and/or the Website services) to the User, and affect the User's capability to use the Website and/or the Website services. The User may also change the settings of his/her browser to accept or reject all cookies or cookies from certain websites by default, including the Net-Film Website. If the User has approved the use of cookies on the Net-Film Website, the Administration will consider that the use of cookies in all Website services has been approved by the User.
  1. Duration of cookies storage on your device:

Net-Film uses the information contained in cookies only for the above purposes, after which the collected data will be stored on the User's device for a period that may depend on the respective type of cookies, but not exceeding the term necessary to achieve their purpose, after which they will be automatically deleted from the User's system. As a rule, most of cookies, except for the "Strictly Necessary" ones, cease to be valid after 2 years.

  1. Who else has access to the information cookies contain

Personal information collected using cookies placed on the User's device may be transferred and available to Net-Film and/or third parties, as specified herein. The use of Personal Information outside the Website for advertising purposes, if any, may be subject to separate user agreements available on third-party websites. Net-Film and/or third parties may also provide the User with the option to opt out of receiving personalized advertising that may be subject to regulation by laws and rules applicable to such products and offers.

  1. Pixel tags

Net-Film may also use pixel tags (tracking codes, web beacons) to access cookies previously placed on the User's device for the following purposes:

  • determining the User actions on the Website and in the process of using the Website services by accessing and using cookies stored on the User's device;
  • collecting statistical information related to the operation of the Website, the Website services or Net-Film products, utilities and offers.

Tracking codes can be contained in any content of the Website and/or the Website services, including advertising texts and emails sent by the Administration. Tracking codes are not visible to the User.

  1.  Google Analytics

Net-Film uses Google Analytics tools, which in turn use cookies. Detailed information can be found at:

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