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A Time of Great Housewarming.. (1959)

Documentary, 4 parts, Duration: 0:35:35 to collection A 6/18/2013

On the development of housing in the USSR.

Academician Pavlov. (1936)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:10:14.408 to collection A 6/15/2013

Pavlov at work in the lab, with students, with HG Wells (England), within the family, a life.

The building of the Institute of Experimental Genetics in Koltushi.

15th Congress of Physiologists in Leningrad in 1935

Congress delegates in the hall, the president - Pavlov.

Pavlov with Molotov in the Kremlin.

1936 Funeral of Pavlov.

Present: Zhdanov, relatives and others Volkov cemetery.

Crimean Conference. (1945)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:46:51.387 to collection A 6/15/2013

Landscapes of Crimea.


Swallow's Nest, Grand Livadia yard; Vorontsov, the Yusupov palace.

Airfield: a meeting of delegations USA, UK. Present: Wyszynski, Molotov, Gromyko, the members of the delegations of the Allied Powers.

Planes land.

A solemn meeting of President Roosevelt (USA), British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Planes landing.


Feat in ice. (1928)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 1:10:31.735 to collection A 6/15/2013

The film is dedicated expedition to search for the airship "Italia" U. Nobile.


Personnel news: 1912 Seeing the polar expedition of the ship Sedov "Holy Fock."

The ship at sea in the ice, landing expedition, expedition camp on the ice.

1926 The airship "Norge" in the field, in the air, in the hangar, the airport Krasnogvardeisk, Colonel W. Nobile, lifting airship.


Meeting R. Amundsen at the Kazan station. airplane "Fokker" in the air.


Day of the new world. (1940)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:22:40.668 to collection A 6/14/2013

One day in the life of the Soviet Union

Moscow. November 7, 1989.. (1989)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:06 to collection A 6/14/2013

On the celebration of the 72th Anniversary of the October Revolution in Moscow.

November 7 | Social life | Holidays

Yves Montand Is Singing.. (1957)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 1:04:06 to collection A 6/14/2013

The tour of the French singer Yves Montand and actress Simone Signoret to the USSR.

We Have Made Friends in Moscow.. (1957)

Documentary, 10 parts, Duration: 1:33:21 to collection A 6/14/2013

The VI World Youth Festival in Moscow.

Historical note
From July 28 to August 11, 1957 took place in Moscow VI World Festival of Youth and Students.

The Order.. (1974)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:25 to collection A 6/7/2013

On the new system of the planning of constructing the city of Oryol.

Construction | Sectors of the economy

The Road Chosen by MADI (Moscow Institute of Highways). (1990)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:43 to collection A 6/7/2013

The film is dedicated to the Moscow Institute of Highways celebrating its 60th anniversary in 1990.

Automobile transport | Education