theme 04.04.1995 (1995)

Telecast №100026, 1 part, duration: 0:38:48
Production: VID
Anchor:Mendeleev Dmitrij

Reel №1

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Lidiya Ivanova introduces Dmitry Mendeleev, the new host of the Theme program.

Epigraph of the program: Passers-by on the street say what series they watch on TV.

The host announces the theme of the program: Series - "Soap operas".

Artyom Karapetyan talks about the origin of the term "soap opera" coined in the American press in the 1930s to denote the extremely popular genre of sequential dramatic programs on the radio.

Alexander Shmelev confirms the origin of the term "soap opera".

Galushka Raisa says that the term "soap opera" came from the fact that early television series featured advertisements for soap and perfume manufacturers.

Alexander Shmelev talks about the audience watching TV series and popular heroes.

Galushka Raisa talks about the series she has watched.

Artyom Karapetyan talks about his personal attitude to TV series and the audience's interest in this genre.

People on the street answer the question: "What is your attitude to the series?"

Vladimir Konkin talks about his personal attitude to TV series and participation in the dubbing of the series "Wild Rose".

A viewer in the studio talks about her addiction to watching TV series.

Igor Bochkin says he doesn't like TV shows.

Viewers in the studio talk about their attitude to the series.

Artem Karapetyan talks about the work of dubbing and dubbing actors.

A video about the work of dubbing actors in the dubbing studio.

Goncharova Alla talks about the work of dubbing actors.

Alexander Novikov talks about his work.

Alexander Shmelev talks about typical plots of TV series.

Galushka Raisa says how Latin American TV series differ from others.

Alexander Shmelev talks about the difference in the pace of the US and Latin American series.

Artyom Karapetyan talks about his desire to dream in a "Soap Opera".

Video: Actress Victoria Ruffo in Russia, Ruffo Victoria fragments of episodes, Davis Lane and Allan Jed fragments of episodes.

Artem Karapetyan talks about the popularity of actors who starred in TV series.

Galushka Raisa and Artyom Karapetyan talk about the difference between TV series and Soap operas.

Artem Karapetyan tells a joke.

Artyom Karapetyan talks about Soviet cinema.

Video: Soviet TV series, fragments of "Seventeen Moments of Spring", "His Excellency's Adjutant", "The meeting place cannot be changed", "Sherlock Holmes and Dr.


Galushka Raisa talks about domestic TV series.

The viewer talks about the negative impact of "Soap operas" on the audience.

Alexander Shmelev talks about the audience of "Soap operas".

The viewer talks about the benefits and psychotherapeutic help that watching TV shows brings.

Video topic: On the set of the Russian TV series "Queen Margot", "Petersburg Secrets".

Vladimir Steklov talks about filming in the series, Mikhail Efremov talks about filming in the cinema, Ekaterina Vasilyeva in the frame.

Mounting table, gluing film, boxes with film.

Sergey Zhigunov talks about the characters in the series.

Sedykh Valentin talks about financing the series "Queen Margot".

Leonid Pchelkin talks about the light forms of the series.

Igor Bochkin talks about the influence of TV series on young people.

Kirill Kozakov talks about professionalism in the work of actors.

Artyom Karapetyan says he welcomes new Russian TV series.

The presenter says goodbye to the audience.


Ivanova Lidiya Mihajlovna — rossijskaya pisateljnica, zhurnalistka, aktrisa i televeduschaya, kandidat pedagogicheskih nauk, master sporta SSSR po akademicheskoj greble, chlen sbornoj komandi SSSR. Shmelev Aleksandr Georgievich — rossijskij psiholog, specialist v oblasti eksperimentaljnoj psihosemantiki, psihodiagnostiki i psihometriki, Doktor psihologicheskih nauk. Galushka Raisa Ivanovna - kandidat filologicheskih nauk. Karapetyan Artem Yakovlevich — sovetskij i rossijskij akteer teatra i kino, scenarist. Konkin Vladimir Alekseevich — sovetskij i rossijskij akter teatra, kino i dublyazha, zasluzhennij artist USSR, laureat premii Leninskogo komsomola. Bochkin Igorj Ivanovich — sovetskij i rossijskij akter teatra i kino, teatraljnij rezhisser. Goncharova Alla - Rezhisser dublyazha. Novikov Aleksandr Borisovich — sovetskij i rossijskij akter teatra i kino. Kastro Veronika — meksikanskaya aktrisa, pevica i televeduschaya. Ruffo Viktoriya — meksikanskaya aktrisa i televeduschaya. Devis Lejn — amerikanskij akter i rezhisser. Allan Dzhed — amerikanskij akter kino, televideniya i teatra. Steklov Vladimir Aleksandrovich — sovetskij i rossijskij aktyor teatra i kino, Zasluzhennij artist RSFSR. Efremov Mihail Olegovich — sovetskij i rossijskij akter teatra, kino, televideniya, ozvuchivaniya i dublyazha, scenarist, teatraljnij rezhisser i televeduschij, zasluzhennij artist Rossii. Vasiljeva Ekaterina Sergeevna — sovetskaya i rossijskaya aktrisa teatra, kino i dublyazha, montazher. Narodnaya artistka RSFSR. Zhigunov Sergej Viktorovich — sovetskij i rossijskij akter kino i televideniya, kinorezhisser, prodyuser, Zasluzhennij artist Rossijskoj Federacii. Sedih Valentin - rezhisser. Pchelkin Leonid - rezhisser. Kozakov Kirill Mihajlovich — sovetskij i rossijskij akter kino i televideniya.

Calendar: 04.04.1995

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