The Treasure House of Combat Glory.. (1996)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rezvushkina S.

Operators: Minkin M.


The film tells a story of creation of the first newspaper for workers of the village "Bednota" ["Poor People"], which became the prototype of the modern newspaper of the CC CPSU(Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) "Selskaya Nov" ["Village Life"].

Reel №1

Metro moves on land flyover of New York.

Panorama of the city.

Interior of the car.

People sit on the seats (shooting from a nearby car).

Woman sleeping in the car.

Ebony smokes in a subway car.

A man sleeps in a subway car, covered jacket.

A woman looks at the operator.


Man sleeping upright in the seat in the car.

Ebony sleeping in the car.

Panorama of the metro station.

Plays the saxophone.

Chandelier on the ceiling station.

The lamp illuminates a storeroom in the underground.

Technician is on the subway.


Cleaner with a hose washing the floors and walls in the subway.

olitseysky runs stroller out of the car.

Escalator shooting (escalator).

Skyscrapers. (Filmed from the window of the subway).

Subway station

People sit in the car.

Saxophonist playing in the subway station.

Two [deaf] characters express themselves in the underground.

People in the subway.

People walk in front of the operator.

People go on the subway (shooting "with it").

People in the subway.

Purchase tickets at the box office subway.

Hand pours coins into the turnstile hopper


Subway turnstile.

Metro station.

Girl dancing in the subway.

Passes in front of a subway train operator.

A man playing the violin in the car.

Passes in front of a subway train operator.

Girl dancing in the subway.

Passengers pass through the turnstiles subway.

Ebony shows tricks with cards.

The passengers in the car.

Passengers pass through the turnstiles.

The young man playing the violin in a subway car.

Boy's face.

Subway train.

The young man playing the violin in a subway car.

Reel №2

Boy's face.

Passes in front of a subway train operator.

Passengers in the car (shot from a nearby car).

Subway train traveling on the ground overpass.

Panorama of the buildings in New York.

The streets of Paris.

In the background - the Eiffel Tower

(Filmed from the window of a moving subway).

Sculpture on the Metro.

View of the passengers in a passing near the subway.

Sculpture on the Metro.

Metro station.

Subway train pulls up to open the Metro.

Head sculpture.

Passengers in the car (removed from the platform.)

Head sculpture.

Hit a woman's face in the car.

Traffic light.

In the background - the passing subway train.

The woman's face.

Subway train is reflected in mirrored glass skyscraper.

The woman looks up.

The woman in the car.

Passes in front of a subway train operator.

Streets of Paris (shooting from the window of the subway).

Metro station.

Ground Station subway marked "BASTILLE" (shooting from the window of the car.)

Passengers on the platform.

Station "BASTILLE" (shooting from the window of the subway).

Metro station.

The ceiling is decorated with stylized relief station autographs.

Metro trains are on the ground in the old viaduct area of ​​Paris.

A passenger sleeps on a bench at the station.

The passenger sits on a bench in the station.

The Eiffel Tower.

The top of the tower is hidden low clouds.

In the foreground - part of the metro.


A woman reads a book on the go.

Reel №3

Group of sculptures in the subway station (filmed from the window of the car.)

Paris by Night.

Eiffel Tower lit lights.

Paris by Night.

Neon board the Metro.

Subway train goes over the river on a bridge.

Cars on the streets of Moscow.

In the background - the building of Moscow State University.

Church (chapel).

The ship sails along the Moscow River.

The streets of Moscow.

The Moskva River (shot from a passing subway car on Zamoskvoretskaya subway line).

Station of the Moscow metro.

People on the escalator.

Those people in the "rush hour."

Veteran of WWII.

Passengers on a subway station.

Passengers in a subway car.


Woman from Central Aziis children in the car.

Girl embellish eyelashes in a subway car.

The passengers in the car.

Kissing couple in love (filmed from a nearby car).

Metro station.

Kissing man and woman.

A beggar in the subway station.

Nearby are the passengers.

"Beggars" in the subway.

The Central Asian "beggars."

Grandmother at the station.

People in the subway.

Two students stand at the tiles in the subway.

Monument to the metro station. [M


The passengers in the subway.

A group of men were drinking alcohol at a subway station.

Maintenance worker underground.

A soldier stands at the sculpture in a wall niche in a subway station.

People in a subway station [Novoslobodskaya].

Metro station.

Wall Station, decorated with paintings.

"Rush Hour" on the subway.

Passengers out of the station.

Women pulling handcarts.

Passengers are oversized baggage.

Two men carry bulky luggage.


Passengers are oversized baggage.

Passengers exit the station (removed from the hands).

People in the subway.

Subway tunnel (filmed from the cab).

Movie №1