The Commonwealth. (1999)

Documentary №10043, 4 parts, duration: 0:39:00
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kibkalo A.
Screenwriters:A. Kibkalo
Camera operators:V. Dobronickij


Film is about actor Alexander Mikhailov.

Movie №0

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Smokes actor Alexander Mikhailov.

PNRM. Russian landscape in the winter, snow-covered fields, trees Mikhailov says (synchronously) on his life, a hungry child.

Photo: Alexander Mikhailov boy with his mother.

Actor sings into the microphone (synchronous and behind the scenes), a song about the motherland.

Double exposure shots: a musician with a guitar, a church with crosses on domes.

Branches of trees in the sun.

Mikhailov smokes.

In a cup of water flowing from a samovar.

Leading says (synchronous and behind the scenes) about his attitude to the song.

Actor Alexander Mikhailov sings in a microphone on stage, accompanied by guitarists.

Close-up: two burning candles.

View of the church.

Close-up: the hand prevents a spoon in the cup. A. Mikhailov (synchronously) of man as God's creation.

PNRM. the building of the Museum to pedestrians at the entrance to the lecture hall.

It is a man with handwritten announcement in hand: "Buy a ticket for an evening in memory of Igor Talkova."

Alexander Mikhailov on stage at the microphone says (synchronous and behind the scenes) about their ancestors and love for the motherland.

The audience in the darkened hall listening.

Mikhailov sings (synchronous and behind the scenes) with a guitar song Igor Talkova "Former podesaul."

Soldiers with rifles go.

Newsreel 1914-1917 gg .: soldiers rallies (double exposure: burning candles)

On the stage: worth burning candle, icon, hanging officer's uniform.

Mikhailov says (synchronously) on the fate of the Russian people.

Singer on stage singing the waltz "On the Hills of Manchuria".

Newsreel 1914-1918 .: soldiers on a halt in the winter.

The train pulls away, the soldiers at the train.

Wounded ship in a sanitary train.

Winter road goes squad.

The Heavy is fighting.

In the trenches soldiers firing rifles.


A.Mikhailov says (synchronously) on his acting task.

Fragments of feature films, where he played Alexander Mikhailov: "Guys," "Love and pigeons."

The view from the window of an apartment Alexander Mikhailov.

The actor is sitting in the kitchen at the table by the window.

Sitting next to friends Mikhailov: Colonel Nikolai Kozlov and a man with a guitar who sings a song about his homeland.

Close-up: Mikhail Evdokimov to listen to songs.

At the plate actor Alexei Buldakov.

Photos: Alexander Mikhailov with loved ones.

Mikhailov says (synchronously) on the Maly Theater, where he worked.

The actor is (in slow motion) at Theater Square, comes in the door of the Maly Theater.

Fragments of the play "Tsar Ivan the Terrible," Alexander Mikhailov in the title role.

Church service, people in the church praying Cross.

Alexander Mikhailov says (synchronously), that he would have done, becoming the head of the country.

A.Mikhailov sings a song (synchronously).

Winter landscape, branches in the sun.

On the air: in winter clothes type of men and women.

Newsreel 1920's .: people are working with shovels.

View from the river to the city with churches on the banks

A lone man walking on a country road (in slow motion).

Close-up: Mikhailov as (Rapid).

Figure: A group of saints.

Alexander Mikhailov in winter clothes standing on a city street smoking.

Pedestrians on the street.

Advertising firm "Technosila" on the post.

Alexander Mikhailov is on Tverskaya Street in Moscow.

Double exposure shots: presentation of a rock band, bodybuilding, naked girls, and others.

Mikhailov says (synchronously).

Actor sings (synchronously).

Winter landscapes of Russian nature.

Pictures of churches, priests, monks.

View of the church from the bottom up, crosses on the domes.

Applause in the hall, an actor on the stage.

Alexander Mikhailov sits smokes.


Mikhailov AY - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Evdokimov MS - Soviet and Russian entertainer, comedian, film actor, Honored Artist of Russia, head of the administration of the Altai Territory. Buldakov AI - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, People's Artist of Russia.

Calendar: 1914-1917 1914-1918 1920-1930

Locations: Moscow [820]

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