The State Farm ''Zarya Kommunizma". (2002)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Komarov S.

Script writers: Komarov S.

Operators: Durnov K.


A unique military unit - a cavalry regiment, whose officers participated in the creation of many famous movies.


Culture and Arts

Reel №1

Fragments from the film "War and Peace": Battle of Borodino - different.

Stills from the film "The Elusive Avengers": Cavalry Regiment, falling horse.

Cavalry commander says Alexander Gerasimenko (synchronous) - departure.

Newsreel 1917-1922.:

City residents welcome the soldiers.

Woman holds out flowers soldier.

Cavalry - PNRM.

Soldiers go over the bridge.


Cavalry on a city street.

Cavalry Regiment veterans Vladimir Bogachev and Guri Chikashua - departure.

Cavalry (frames from thin.


A film crew shoots a movie.

Cavalry, horse falls.


Vladimir Yakushev trooper - departure.

Yakushev a horse in training.


Yakushev a horse galloping through the barrier.


The horse jumped over the barrier.


Yakushev on the horse.

Trooper Yakushev horse in training.

Filmmaker says Bulat Mansurov (synchronous) - departure.

They sleep in the cavalry barracks - NPL, PNRM.

Said duty soldiers (synchronously).

Get up soldiers.

Dress soldiers - PNRM.

The soldiers in the ranks - PNRM.


Go soldiers.

Barracks, PNRM. A. Gerasimenko.

Directed by Sergei Bondarchuk in the military.


Sergei Bondarchuk in the military.


Guri Chikashua, Bogachev and Gerasimenko sit, says G. Chikashua (synchronously).

Stills from the film "War and Peace": the battle.

Guri Chikashua says (synchronously).

Stills from the film "War and Peace": The Battle of Borodino.

Said Guri Chikashua (synchronous) - hitting.

Stills from the film "War and Peace": The Battle of Borodino, shoot guns.

Said Guri Chikashua (synchronously).

Yakushev takes saddle.

Yakushev says (synchronously).

Yakushev suited to the horse.

Yakushev says (synchronously).


Yakushev - hitting.

Yakushev throws a saddle on a horse that zips up the girth of a horse.

Yakushev displays of horse stall.

Gerasimenko says (synchronously).

Soldiers, PNRM. the horses.

Gerasimenko - hitting.

Bogachev says (synchronously).


Images from the film "Liberation": shoots a machine gun, the soldiers on the boats, the military on the ferry explosion.

Reel №2

Bogachev says (synchronously) - departure.

Images from the film "Liberation": fly planes, blowing up bridges - PNRM.

Bogachev says (synchronously).

Images from the film "Liberation": planes bombing, tank dives - PNRM.

Bogachev says (synchronously).

Yakushev says (synchronously) - hitting.

Hand stroking the horse.


Yakushev decorated horse.

Yakushev - departure.


Yakushev sits on the horse - departure.

Stills from the film "The Viper": cavalry.

Soldiers - PNRM.

Says Mr.

Chikashua (synchronously).

Excerpts from the movie "The Viper": Red Army, the cavalry, the bridge

Says Mr.

Chikashua (synchronously).

Excerpts from the movie "The Viper": horse, bridge, girl.

Gerasimenko says (synchronously) - hitting.

The horse jumped over the barrier.

Yakushev on the horse.

Horse jump over the barrier.

The horse jumped over the barrier.

A soldier on a horse.

Yakushev a horse in training.

Soldiers train with swords on horseback.

Yakushev on a horse waving a sword.

The soldiers in the ranks - PNRM.

Military - PNRM.

The regimental commander, Colonel Michael K. Borila.


The commander of the soldiers - PNRM.

Major D. Bagin.


Col. G. Chikashua.

Are colonels.

P. Romanenko.


Crew sitting at the table.

Directed Alov.

Directed Naumov.

Images from the film "Running": fighting the battle - the cavalry regiment commander.

Images from the film "Flight": cavalry

Yakushev - departure.

Cavalry horses fall (pictures from the movie "Flight").

Explosion - PNRM.

Cavalry, horse falls.

Galloping horse, explosion.

Images from the film "Flight": horses and gallop budenovtsy.

Newsreel 1920.:

Changing of the Guard (zoom in on the banner).

Cavalry - PNRM.


Military sends banner soldier.

The Banner sneaked through the system.

Polk passes.

Reel №3

Says director B. Mansurov (synchronous) - hitting.


Newsreel, 1965-1970,.:

Crew - PNRM.

Directed by Sergei Bondarchuk, PNRM. to the operator.

Stills from the film "Waterloo": fighting the battle.

Yakushev a horse in training.

Horse falls.

Yakushev on the horse.


A horse with a soldier rises.

The soldier jumps on a horse.

Soldiers riding on horseback.

Soldiers perform stunts on horseback.

Soldiers - departure.

Newsreel 1960. years.:


Sailors in the ranks.

The commander holds a banner.

Budenovtsy in line.


Portrait of Lenin - hitting.

Military parade on Red Square.

Government on the podium - PNRM.,

Car leaves the Kremlin.

Military parade.

Marshal welcomes military.

Cavalry on parade.

Yakushev groom.

Yakushev says (synchronously) - hitting.




Yakushev groom.

Rest cavalrymen.

Soldiers before shooting - PNRM., Departure.

Resting soldiers.

Resting soldiers - PNRM., Departure.

Boy drinking from a flask.

The soldier turns puttees.

Soldiers on shooting - PNRM.

Yakushev said in clothes Mongol (synchronous) - hitting.

Clapperboard with the NDP "Saga of the ancient Bulgars."

Military hand out dinner.

Soldiers in dinner suits - PNRM.

Yakushev washes his hands - PNRM.

Yakushev - departure.

Soldiers lunch (from behind).

Soldiers lunch.

Watered the horse soldiers - hitting.

Director B. Mansurov - departure.


Says director B. Mansurov (synchronously).

The operator removes.

He says (synchronously).

Clapper, the NDP "Saga of the ancient Bulgars."

Crew - PNRM.

The film was shot - PNRM.

Galloping horsemen.

Yakushev says (synchronously).

Movie №0