Serve my Homeland 10.01.2005 (2005)

Telecast №101789, 1 part, duration: 0:26:03
Production: VID
On request: Pervij kanal
Director:Vladimir Shteryanov
Anchor:Boris Galkin

Reel №1

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The plot of the CIS Anti-Terrorist Center.

Video chronicle: special forces soldiers disassemble weapons from the pyramid, the officer on duty reports on the actions of conditional terrorists.

Special forces soldiers put on bulletproof vests and arm themselves.

Special forces are moving to the conditionally captured plane at the Chisinau airport.

Special forces soldiers at the starting positions before the assault of the aircraft.

The storming of the plane and the capture of conditional terrorists.

The senior of the group sets the task of capturing conditional terrorists holed up in the apartment.

Working out the basic elements of combat training on the stairs in the entrance of a residential building.

Training in the gym.

The commander of the Moldovan anti-terrorist unit, Yuri Tizu, speaks about the prevention of victims among hostages as one of the main tasks of the special forces (synchronously).

Training in the gym.

Implement6 years of car surveillance.

An employee of the Moldovan anti-terrorist unit talks about the exchange of information about suspects with foreign colleagues, which allows to prevent extremist actions, about preventive work with suspects (synchronously).

Training to detain a conditional terrorist on the stairs of a residential building.

Video chronicle: fighting in Chechnya in December 1994.

Street fighting in Grozny.

Armored vehicles on the road.

The commander of the Northeastern Group, Lieutenant General Rokhlin, is among the staff officers.

The commanders of the operational groups give orders by phone.

Russian Defense Minister P.S. Grachev at the airfield.

Machine gunners are firing.

A column of military equipment enters the city.

The artillery crew is firing.

Militants on the streets of Grozny.

An armored car with the flag of the Republic of Ichkeria is passing by.

A column of military equipment on the road.

A special forces unit surrounds the house.

The plan and scheme of the storming of Grozny.

Militants on the streets of Grozny.

Fires in the city.

Assistance to wounded soldiers of the federal forces.

Armored vehicles on the streets of Grozny.

Burning armored personnel carriers.

Militants with grenade launchers are moving into position.

Fighting in the city at night.

Motorized rifle units during combat operations.

The bodies of the dead Russian soldiers.

The advance of the combined special forces detachment of the Airborne Forces into the city.

Conducting military operations in the city.

Officers at the point of contact.

Russian troops are fighting street battles in Grozny.

Panorama of Grozny (from above).

Ruins of buildings.

A column of armored vehicles is moving.

The faces of the surrendered militants.

View of the dilapidated building of the presidential palace.

A guest in the studio - a participant in the storming of Grozny, Senior Sergeant Rinat Rakhmangulov talks about his impressions of the defeat of the Maykop brigade at the railway station, about those who died during the fighting, talks about the storming of Grozny and his comrades, comments on photos, talks about the destruction of a detachment of militants, about getting an education after the army and his work, about the reasons for returning to the army, about contract soldiers coming to the army, appeals to those who want to serve under a contract (synchronously).

The plot is about the modern military clergy.

Video chronicle: military priest Father Pyotr (Lysenko) hits a target with a grenade launcher at the training ground.

Father Peter talks to soldiers at the training ground.

Commander of the Airborne Artillery Division Yu .

Shubin talks about the activities of Father Peter (synchronously).

Father Peter talks about the desire to conduct sports training with military personnel (synchronously).

Photos of Peter's father in childhood and youth.

Photos of Father Peter with his young pupils of the karate section.

Father Peter demonstrates his sports awards.

Sports diplomas and a photo of Father Peter in a kimono.

Photos of Father Peter during his studies at the Tobolsk Theological Seminary.

Father Peter talks about his studies at the seminary, about classes with young people (synchronously).

Father Peter conducts karate training with paratroopers.

Maxim Lunyak, President of the Omsk Karate Federation, talks about the benefits of karate training conducted by a professional coach (synchronously).

The faces of the paratroopers.

Father Peter breaks the board with one blow.

Paratrooper Hakob Shahbazyan talks about his karate training with his father Peter (synchronously).

Father Peter conducts another hand-to-hand combat training at the Alexander Nevsky Club.

A member of the club M. Zaremba talks about the merits of Father Peter (synchronously).

Father Peter sprinkles holy water on the soldiers' formation during a prayer service on the parade ground.

Father Peter talks about his trips to North Ossetia and Chechnya (synchronously).

Photos of Father Peter during communion and unction of the wounded, about the foundations of the Russian state - the Orthodox Church and the army (synchronously).


Rohlin Lev Yakovlevich -- military and political figure Grachev Pavel Sergeevich -- statesman, military and political figure

Calendar: 10.01.2005

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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