"Служу Отчизне" исходные материалы (2000)

Footage №102793, 5 footages, duration: 1:39:02

Scene №1 300 years of the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Burdenko

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300 years of the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Burdenko.

Civilians and military in the assembly hall waiting for the event.

The number 300 on the stage.

Ozerov Viktor Alekseevich delivers a solemn speech.

Presentation of diplomas and certificates.

Participants make solemn speeches about the hospital.

The audience is watching the concert and applauding in the hall.

Deputy Defense Minister S.B. Ivanova delivers congratulations and greetings on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation.

Solemn presentation of awards to the staff of the N.N. Burdenko Hospital.


Ozerov V.A. - Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Security and Defense.

Calendar: 05.2006

Locations: Moscow [820]

Scene №2 SAMBO Wrestling Championship among Airborne soldiers

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Sambo Wrestling Championship among Airborne soldiers.

In the gym, competitors on the wrestling mat use techniques of defense and attack.

The audience and the judges are watching the progress of the fights.

The inscription "Chief judge of the competition".

The referee raises the hand of the winner of the match.

Sambo wrestlers duel on the background of the banner "Greetings to the participants of the Sambo wrestling competitions".

The audience shouts support the wrestlers.

Fans congratulate and hug the winner.

The coach is worried about the athlete leading the fight.

Members of the judging panel communicate with the coach.

The numbers of points on the scoreboard.

Judges at the tables.

Hammer blow on the gong.

The judge announces the names of the winners into the microphone.

A soldier in a pea jacket applauds.

The audience is sitting on the benches in the competition hall and shouting.

Close-ups of athletes' and spectators' faces.

The referee removes the numbers from the scoreboard.

Calendar: 2006

Scene №3 Service of foreign citizens in the Russian Army

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Service of foreign citizens in the Russian army.

A soldier collects a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The platoon commander commands to proceed with the implementation of the standard.

The fighter starts assembling the machine gun.

A watch with a stopwatch on your hand.

Platoon commander Vasily Titov talks about foreign citizens serving in the Russian army under contract.

Contract soldiers in the classroom listen to the lecturer, the face of the fighter is large.

The textbook is in the hands of the teacher.

Contract Corporal from Tajikistan Mirali Akhmadov at home at the table, next to his wife and child.

Akhmadov's wife M. cooks food in the kitchen, talks about her life, friends in the military unit, Tajik cuisine, speaks Tajik.

Akhmadov M. about contract service in Russia, leisure activities, living conditions.

Akhmadov M. shows a certificate and a medal for the protection of the state border.

M. Akhmadov is on the street with his wife and child, buying pilaf products at the market, talking about salaries in Tajikistan.

Akhmadov's wife M. about life in Russia.

In the canteen, a contract soldier-driver Eldashev from Tajikistan says that he went to serve to obtain Russian citizenship.

General view of the dining room, soldiers eating at the tables.

Calendar: 2006

Scene №4 Detention of the violator, a shot from a rocket launcher

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Detention of the violator, a shot from a rocket launcher.

The violator runs through a snow field, falls, border guards detain the violator and lead him to an armored vehicle.

Border guards in the snow in white camouflage overalls.

A border guard shoots into the sky with a flare gun.

The rocket burns and leaves a trail in the sky.

A border guard in a white camouflage suit takes a rocket launcher out of its holster, raises the weapon up and shoots.

The border guard, sitting down on the snow, aims from a machine gun, the other takes out a rocket launcher and raises it up.

Calendar: 2006

Locations: Kamchatka Krai [760]

Scene №5 681st regional training center for combat training of missile troops and artillery

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681st regional training center for combat training of missile troops and artillery, exercises at the military unit training ground.

At the training ground, the senior lieutenant gives the order to march to the initial positions of the tankodrome to the crews of divisional self-propelled howitzers 2C3 "Acacia".

The crews are going to the cars.

The senior lieutenant gives the go-ahead with flags to start the engines.

View of four 2C3 self-propelled howitzers standing on the platform, crew commanders on the towers of the vehicles.

The howitzers take turns starting, starting to move.

Howitzers are on a dirt road.

Front and side views of a cross-country howitzer.

View of the striped poles at the training ground and the 2C3 self-propelled howitzer running.

The 2C3 howitzer descends into the ravine, overcomes it and drives past.

Front and side view: howitzer 2C3 overcomes a ravine, drives past.

Side and top view: howitzer 2C3 overcomes the ravine.

Cadet Absolyamov Radion Maratovich talks about the training part, the experience of driving cars and tractors, love of technology, car repair, driving military tracked vehicles and mandatory knowledge of the driver.

Cadet Absolyamov R.M. climbs into 2C3, takes the driver's seat, puts on a helmet, moves levers, gets out of the hatch.

The commander of the third artillery training division, Maxim Nikolaevich Diorov, talks about the training of self-propelled howitzers for driver mechanics, physical requirements for cadets.

Smoke from the running engine of a self-propelled howitzer.

The 2C3 howitzer is moving along the tankodrome.

The 2C3 howitzer moves in reverse, turns around and starts moving forward.

Howitzer tracks move on the ground.

The commander gives the order to "fire a mortar", calls the target number, the type of projectile "high-explosive", lists the coordinates for aiming at the target.

The gunner reports that the mortar is ready to fire.

The carrier brings the mine and gives it to the loader.

Medium plan: the loader inserts a mine into the barrel of a 2B11 mortar and releases the shot.

The general plan: the loader inserts the mine into the barrel again, confirms readiness, the "mortar" command sounds, the loader releases the mine into the barrel, goes into the trench, the shot.

View of the smoke from the mine explosion at the landfill.

Close-up: the loader releases the mine into the barrel, goes into the trench, shot.

Turn the camera on the smoke from the mine explosion.

Senior lieutenant of the battery Ibragimov Almaz Anvarovich speaks about the training of the cadets of the firing task "defeat of a stationary observed target".

Ibragimov A.A. about the technical characteristics of the 2B11 mortar, the peculiarities of the preparation of the mortar crew.

A fighter in the cockpit of a 2C3 howitzer charges a projectile and a sleeve into the gun, presses a button, the mechanism pushes a set of charges into the barrel.

The inscription on the building "Regional Training Center 681" and the coat of arms of the military unit.

Calendar: 2000s

Locations: Nizhny Novgorod region [790]

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