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Scene №1 Seeing off recruits to the Presidential Regiment

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Assembly point.

Conscripts stand in line to receive ammunition and military uniforms.

The soldier fastens his tunic.

The conscript Yerofey says that he voluntarily wrote an application and joined the army, passed professional selection in the presidential regiment, and is going to continue his studies after the army.

The young man carries the received form, puts it on the table, gets dressed.

Conscripts check the completeness of clothing, get dressed.

The soldier puts on boots with footcloths.

Duffel bags on the table, belt, winter hat.

The soldier puts things in a bag.

Private Dmitry says that he joined the presidential regiment on his own, taking a sabbatical for a year and a half.

Women fill out documents.

Conscripts in pea jackets, winter hats, with duffel bags in the corridor.

Private Mikhail says that he got into the presidential regiment thanks to horse riding (dressage).

A stack of military tickets on the table.

The soldier fastens his belt.

Conscripts fasten their pea jackets, adjust their uniforms, form a line in the corridor.

The conscript's mother, Nadezhda Vasilyevna, says she is proud of her son's decision to join the army.

The woman is talking about her son, who independently decided to go to serve in the presidential regiment after graduating from a technological college.

The girl accompanies her young man and wishes the guys a successful service.

Mothers, relatives and friends say goodbye to the soldiers, take pictures for memory.

A colonel in front of a line of recruits.

The faces of the soldiers.

Lieutenant Irina Alexandrovna speaks about the state of health of conscripts, about the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal and digestive systems, connects this with the sedentary lifestyle of young people.

The lieutenant colonel in front of the formation congratulates the recruits on enrolling in the presidential regiment.

The chairman of the parent committee Galina Ilyinichna wishes the conscripts a happy service.

A representative of the Moscow City Hall makes a speech.

The priest reads a prayer and blesses the soldiers.

The march "Farewell of the Slavs" sounds, the conscripts get on the bus.

Crying mothers and other relatives at the bus.

The soldier waves goodbye to the girl.

The bus departs, the relatives follow.

Calendar: 2000-2009

Locations: Moscow [820]

Scene №2 French fighter aviation regiment "Normandy - Neman"

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A French officer shows the battle flag of the Normandy-Neman regiment, received after World War II, and a standard with Soviet and French awards.

The officer tells about the removal of the flag on parades.

A French officer shows the pilot's army underwear, puts on a flight suit, shows a scarf with the Normandy- Neman emblem, puts on flight boots, shows the chevrons and stripes of the regiment, talks about their meaning.

The consultant talks about the fabric of the pilot's military uniform, the traditional scarf of the pilot, chevrons, stripes, emblems, the Normandy-Neman coat of arms on the overalls, the colonel's badge.

Military awards of the Normandy-Neman squadron: the Order of Alexander Nevsky, the Order of the Red Banner, the Legion of Honor, the Order of Liberation, military Crosses.

French pilots study the terrain map before the flight, the consultant-translator tells about the flight plan of the aircraft in pairs.

The pilot puts on additional ammunition and a vest, takes a helmet and leaves the room.

The Mirage F1CT fighter performs taxiing.

The pilots leave the building with the inscription "Normandie-Niemen".

Mirage F1CT aircraft in the parking lot.

The pilot and the technician inspect the fighter, the consultant comments on the actions of the technician in Russian.

The pilot climbs the ladder and sits in the cockpit.

A technician helps the pilot fasten his seat belts.

The pilot in the cockpit talks about participating in combat operations in the republics of Chad and Kosovo, compares the French Mirage with the Russian MiG-23 aircraft, about the age of the aircraft 30 years, its modernization and further service life, the annual flight hours, about his family and girls.

Calendar: 2000-2009

Locations: France [77]

Scene №3 Irlina A.B., interview

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Irlina Angelika Borisovna talks about graduating from school and studying at the aero club, her passion for aviation in 1940, recalls meeting with pilot Valentina Stepanovna Grizodubova, entering the aviation Institute, the first days of the war with Germany.

Irlina A.B. tells about her father who died in the war, evacuation with the institute to Alma-Ata, about her decision to go to the front, studying at the aviation technical school in Volsk, heading to the 2nd Belorussian front, working as a mechanic at the frontline airfield, the attitude of men and women at the front, night protection of aircraft in winter.

Irlina A.B. about the technical characteristics and advantages of the Soviet multi-purpose biplane U-2, the death of U-2 crews from shelling by German fighters, hatred of the enemy, women at the front, the commander of the regiment Bershanskaya Evdokia Davydovna.

Irlina A.B. talks about entering a pedagogical university after the war, working as a teacher of Russian language and literature, meeting her future husband, about her daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Irlina A.B. talks about the modern Russian army, hazing, compulsory service, overcoming difficulties, women's cadet corps, discipline.

Irlina A.B. is proud of her service in the 46th Guards Women's Assault Regiment of Night bombers.


Irlina A.B. - teacher, during the Second World War, motorist of the 46th Guards Women's assault regiment of night bombers "Night Witches".

Calendar: 2000-2009

Locations: Moscow [820]

Scene №4 Major General of the Vietnam Army, interview without translation

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A Vietnamese soldier makes his bed in the barracks.

The barracks building, the path and the entrance to the room with bunk beds.

A banner in Vietnamese over the entrance.

Two Vietnamese officers walk through the territory of the unit and enter the building.

Blooming lotus in the pond.

The Major General of the Army of Vietnam against the background of the S-75 air defense missile speaks about the use of Soviet missiles against US aircraft, the training of the Vietnamese military to control the S-75 air defense system by specialists from the USSR, the number of downed US aircraft, tells a case that occurred in the war (without translation).

The launcher of the S-75 air defense system with a rocket.

A sign with the image of Ho Chi Minh on his tunic, shoulder straps of a major general of the Vietnam Army.

A S-75 SAM missile and a Cat Ko tower with a flag.

Photos from the Vietnam War.

Lists of war veterans and their photos.

Calendar: 2000-2009

Locations: Vietnam [240]

Scene №5 Concert brigade of the Alexandrov Ensemble at the Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia, part 1

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Soloists of the concert brigade of the Alexandrov Ensemble communicate in the library before the concert.

Singer Dmitry Bykov, ballet soloists Ekaterina and Oleg Korzanov, balalaika player Denis Vodnev, accordion player Denis Grigoriev, singer Andrey Romanov, singer Larisa Vorobyova perform on the stage of the club.

The servicemen in the hall applaud.

The faces of the soldiers.

Sound engineer at the console.

Chevrons on the sleeves "MS", "Russia, Armed Forces".

The deputy commander of the battalion for educational work, Major Bubnov, talks about the last concert.


D.S. Bykov is a singer, composer, organizer and presenter of concerts, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, soloist of the A.V. Alexandrov Ensemble of the Russian Army. A. Romanov - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, soloist of the A.V. Alexandrov Ensemble of the Russian Army, soloist of the Vladimir Regional Philharmonic.

Calendar: 2000-2009

Scene №6 IWA World Hunting and Weapons Exhibition

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Stands of small arms manufacturing companies.

Visitors of the exhibition are interested in weapons, watch pump-action shotguns, pistols.

Rifle with optical sight on the stand.

Machine guns on the stand, among them a self-loading pistol Uzi-Pistol.

Smith&Wesson Sigma SW40F pistol.

A man examines a powerful pistol and a submachine gun.

A stand with optical rifles.

Men inspect different models of pistols, aim, exchange opinions.

A visitor at the stand with classic hunting rifles.

Double-barreled hunting rifles with inlay.

Variants of gun inlays.

The representative of JSC "NPO Izhmash" says that the economic crisis has not affected the plant, talks about the development of civilian weapons based on military Kalashnikov assault rifles, the production of various modifications of Saiga self-loading carbines (several duplicates).

The representative of JSC "NPO Izhmash" shows new weapons, sports self-loading carbines "Saiga-12" and "Saiga-22", an air rifle "Junker-4".

Close-ups of carbines "Saiga-12", "Saiga 22", rifles "Junker-4", a magazine for cartridges.

Assembling the carbine on the stand.

Calendar: 2009

Locations: Germany [84]

Scene №7 Engineering and sapper company, dog handlers, service dogs

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The calculation of the engineering company of Russian peacekeepers with a dog is looking for mines on a forest road, near the BRDM-2.

The minesweeper finds a mine, puts a red flag next to it.

Soldiers leave the road behind the BRDM-2.

The fighter approaches the mine, lies down on the ground, digs the mine, hooks the edge with an anchor hook with a rope, moves away, unwinds the rope, pulls, the mine is turned over.

A fighter in a blue helmet with the letters "MS".

A soldier with a mine detector is walking along the road, next to a dog handler with a dog.

The dog finds a mine, lies down on the ground, the dog handler crouches next to it.

The commander of a separate engineering and sapper company, Captain Yakovlev Evgeny Sergeevich, lists the types of sappers' work in Abkhazia, names the number of defused explosive objects, talks about the neutralization of unrecoverable mines, sapper equipment, safety equipment, types of explosive devices.

The cynologist, the deputy commander of the sapper platoon, Sergeant Klimov Dmitry, talks about the number of mine-search dogs in the platoon, training methods, mental state and lack of aggressiveness in animals.

Klimov D. talks about his shepherd dog named Dina, who found more than 30 mines during his service, lists the breeds of mine-search dogs, talks about the relationship with the dog, about the PMN-2 mine found during the war.

The face of a soldier, the muzzle of a dog (close-ups).

Calendar: 2000-2009

Scene №8 30 years of the film "In the zone of special attention"

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The audience and the military in the cinema hall at a creative meeting with the creators of the picture.

Private of the 45th Guards Reconnaissance Regiment Makarov Sergey Vladimirovich talks about the first viewing of the film "In the zone of special attention" in childhood and about his impressions.

On stage, director Andrey Igorevich Malyukov talks about the film and introduces the artists, the creative team and the military.

On stage Andrey Malyukov, Stanislav Borisov, Anatoly Meshcheryakov, Valery Kiselyov, Alexander Pyatkov, Igor Bogdanov.

General Borisov Stanislav Nikolaevich talks about the filming of the film, his role in the education of young people, awarding Galkin Boris Sergeevich with the badge "For the Merits of the Airborne Forces".

Borisov S.N. presents the Airborne Forces badge to Galkin B.S.

Galkin B.S. talks about the film, reads poetry, sings a march.

Kiselev V.Yu. makes a speech.

Demonstration of the working moments of the filming of the film.

Alexander Pyatkov talks about filming, sings a song.

The audience applauds.

After the show, B.S. Galkin talks about the attitude towards the Airborne Forces, Russian officers, his kind of Golenishchevs-Kutuzovs, passion for sports.


A.I. Malyukov is a Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, film producer, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. B.S. Galkin is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, TV presenter, composer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Borisov S.N. -- Deputy Commander of Airborne troops for parachute training, General. Meshcheryakov A.A. - Deputy Head of the interdepartmental Anti-terrorist Center, Major General. Kiselev V.Yu. - founder of the Fund of Veterans and employees of Special purpose units and special services of state security agencies "Vimpel-Garant". A.A. Pyatkov is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Bogdanov I.V. - cinematographer.

Calendar: 02.2007

Locations: Moscow [820]

Scene №9 Outpost of the 68th regiment of the Interior Ministry, Sarov

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The duty officer reports to the senior lieutenant about the passage on the right flank of the outpost, the soldiers put on helmets, run to the armory, disassemble machine guns and ammunition magazines from the pyramid, run out into the street, kneel, aim.

The soldier runs through the territory, lies down on the lawn, reloads the machine gun, takes aim.

Short runs, shooting from a prone position.

A soldier takes a place in a trench, takes aim from a machine gun.

A soldier runs into the barracks with a machine gun, runs up to the window, puts the machine gun on the windowsill, shoots.

Barracks, a machine gunner shoots out of the window.

A squad of border guards with a dog runs through the territory of the outpost, runs out of the gate.

The sentry on the observation tower.

People are walking along a village street, a border patrol outfit with a dog runs past.

A squad of border guards with a dog runs into the checkpoint.

Two extras with machine guns are sneaking up to the fence of the outpost, portraying "terrorists".

The "criminal" sets fire to a pyrotechnic cartridge, throws, cotton in a clearing.

"Terrorists" are dashing towards the fence of the outpost, shooting from machine guns.

Explosions of pyrotechnic charges in the grass.

"Criminals" are trying to overcome the barbed wire.

The squad detains one of the bandits.

The dog catches up and detains the second bandit, the border guard neutralizes the criminal, escorts.

The calculation conducts "terrorists" under escort through the checkpoint.

The commander of the 68th regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Colonel Sergey Dzyubin, speaks about the duty of guarding the perimeter of the closed zone of the city of Sarov, the frequency of training to detain violators, the number of real detentions, encouraging border guards with leave.

The senior lieutenant conducts an external inspection of the fighters, corrects the uniform, ammunition, checks the machine guns, commands the fighters to take over the protection and defense of the urban controlled zone, conducts instruction.

The faces of soldiers with machine guns.

Senior Lieutenant Taraskin Andrey Alekseevich talks about the outpost, the contingent of military personnel, the education of soldiers, checking the personal data of conscripts and their parents before going to the outpost.

The hand adjusts the belts and the uniform of the soldiers (several plans).

The outfit is marching through the territory of the outpost.

The instructor of service dogs, Sergeant Novikov Alexey Vladimirovich, talks about the number of dogs at the outpost, tells about his dog named Kai, about the protection of a closed city facility, about the case of the detention of two violators.

Novikov A.V. about dog training, trial training detentions, his decision to work as a dog handler after the army, friendly relations in the soldiers' collective.

A soldier communicates with a dog in an aviary.

A patrol with a dog walks along the trail strip and a fence with barbed wire, a soldier discovers traces on the strip, transmits information about the violation by radio, the dog follows the trail (several takes).

A boot print in the sand.

View of a patrol with a dog through rows of barbed wire.

Calendar: 2000-2009

Locations: Nizhny Novgorod region [790]

Scene №10 Gathering of officers of airborne airborne services, Airborne Commander Kolmakov A.P., interview

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Landing from a helicopter.

Parachutists in the sky.

The paratrooper lands, "extinguishes" the canopy of the parachute.

The general talks about the new parachute to the commander of the Airborne Forces Kolmakov A. P.

Kolmakov A. P. puts on a parachute and helmet.

Officers put on parachute packs, listen to the briefing, instructors check parachutes.

The commander and officers enter the Mi-8 helicopter via the ramp.

Mi-8 takes off.

Landing from a helicopter.

Parachutists in the sky.

Kolmakov A.P. lands, takes off his helmet, gets into the UAZ car.

The commander gets out of the UAZ car, approaches the officers, communicates, lights up.

Kolmakov A.P. and the officers look at the landing of the parachutists, holding a parachute cloth in their hands.

The Zenit camera is on the officer's chest.

Soldiers collect parachutes.

The Mi-8 is landing.

Landing of parachutists and equipment from the IL-76 aircraft.

Parachutes in the sky.

Landing of armored vehicles on parachutes.

Parachute landing.

Military vehicles are going to the landing site of the equipment.

Cargo military vehicles.

Kolmakov A.P. talks about Gazin Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, whom he met before the parachute jump, the meetings of airborne officers, Airborne General Margelov V.F., airborne operations in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant General's shoulder strap, chevron "Russia, armed Forces".

Instructors communicate with the parachutist.

The second lieutenant talks about the shock-absorbing system that ensures a soft landing of the armored vehicle and crew, lists the technical characteristics, tells about the actions of the armored vehicle crew during landing, about laying parachutes, compares the Russian cargo landing system with the US system.


Kolmakov A.P. - Commander of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation. Gazin V.N. -- lecturer of the Department of airborne training RVVDKU.

Calendar: 2000-2009

Locations: Ryazan region [799]

Scene №11 Concert brigade of the Alexandrov Ensemble at the Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia, part 2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The club of the military unit of Russian peacekeepers.

The deputy commander of the battalion for educational work, Major Bubnov, talks about the last concert of the Alexandrov ensemble brigade, thanks the artists.

Private Anatoly Ivachev shares his impressions of the concert, says that such concerts should be held in military units on holidays.

Calendar: 2000-2009

Locations: Абхазия

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