Daily News / A Chronicle of the day 1957 № 26

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belyaev V.

Operators: Zenyakin A., Konstantinov E., Laptiy A.


Different subjects.

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1. City of Moscow.

June 24, 1957. Reception in the Kremlin.

Bulganin, Khrushchev accepted the Yugoslav delegation, headed by the Secretary of State for National Defense, General Goshnekom, visited the USSR at the invitation of Minister of Defense Marshal Zhukov.

Present Zhukov.

Central House of the Soviet Army.

Zhukov Takes Goshneka general and his entourage.

Among those present: Ambassador to Yugoslavia Michunovich, NA Bulganin, Mikoyan.

2. Voronezh.

Personnel news: the streets after the war, the destroyed buildings, ruins.

Types of Reconstruction of the city.

Streets, buildings, area.

Monument to Lenin.

Construction of new buildings.

Worked as a bricklayer.

Traffic and pedestrians.

City Children's Park.

Monument to Peter I.

3. Leningrad.

Pulkovo Observatory.

Scientific-tool-BK Ioanisiani works with meniscus telescope.


Abastumani Observatory.

Telescope design Ioanisiani.

The scientist-astronomer manages the telescope.

4. Ukraine.

Experimental Station poultry Borki.

Director of the station and the staff at work.

Ducks and ducklings in the pond cells.

Sending ducklings on a plane in special boxes.

Duck farm in Zhdanovskaya area on the Azov Sea.

Buildings and the farm.

Attendant care for the ducks.

Ducks in the estuary.

5. The draw "All-Union Youth Festival in Moscow.

6. City of Moscow.

Museum of Oriental Cultures.

Opening of the exhibition of applied art in China, 17-20. into.


Customers visiting the exhibition.

The exhibition, the Chinese Government sent a gift to Soviet museums.

7. Lithuania.


Sports Festival.

Performers are fencers, boxers, chess.

Theatrical presentation that simulates a game of chess.

8. City of Colombo.

Session of the World Peace Council.

One of the meetings of the meeting.

The meeting held a march through the city.