Soviet Sport 1969 № 11 Athletes "LTZ. Climbers. At the gym the dais. Ahead - Mexico City.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Pankin L., Leongardt U., Filatov I., Serov G., Fedyaev E., Ilyahinsky V.


1. Athletes Lviv television factory. 2. National Championship of rock climbing. 3. Competition gymnasts USSR and Japan. 4. Qualification match of the World Cup qualifier between the USSR and Northern Ireland.

Temporary description

Working Lviv television factory do exercises in the workshop, in the sections dealing Sports Club Karpaty: archery and compete in running, cycling. Championship on climbing in the mountains of Crimea. Competition teams gymnasts USSR and Japan in Moscow: Soviet gymnasts O. Korbut, L. Tourischeva and other exercise on a balance beam, uneven bars, serve Japanese gymnasts. A qualifying match for the World Cup between the national teams of the Soviet Union and Ireland, held in Moscow at the Central Lenin Stadium. Spectators welcome Soviet athletes - the winners of the match.

Reel №1

1. Industrial gymnastics at the assembly area of ​​Lviv television factory.

Mark of quality assigned to the plant's products.

Assembling TV - different plans.

Powered collector A. Adamchuk - Candidate Master of Sports in the bike.

Powered pickers Petrova - athlete-archer.

Powered miller Shmakov - public coach factory archers.

Shmakov at the stadium the team coached by archers.

Factory athletes - members of the Sports Club Karpaty Lviv's stadium to train in the race for dirt track.

Coach I. Lipman at the stadium talks with his pupil athlete G. Vishkevich.

G. Vishkevich jumps in height.

Coach E.A.Ter-Hovhannisyan stadium talks with his disciple Vladimir Prokopenko.

V. Prokopenko, and other athletes train in the hurdles.

Trained team of factory riders.

Competitors society "Karpaty" train in the shot put.

2. Crimean mountains - a panorama of steep cliffs.

Climbers - members of the national championship at the foot of the cliff.

Athletes preparing equipment.

Spectators at the foot of the cliff.

Climbers ascend the cliff, with ropes going down - different plans.

B. Markelov is lifted from the track in record time - 7 minutes 38 seconds coming down.

Climbers talk after the competition.

3. In the hall of the Moscow Sports Palace before the competition are teams of gymnasts of the USSR and Japan.

Young gymnasts are portrayed athletes flowers.

Gymnasts are preparing for performances.

The panel of judges competitions.

Exercises on the rings carries a Soviet gymnast Alexander Maleev.

Japanese gymnast E. Kenmotsu serves on the crossbar.

Floor exercises on the carpet performs Japanese gymnast K. Hesiguchi.

Japanese gymnast M. Mizukava perform exercises on a log.

Exercises on the beam performs Soviet gymnast O. Korbut.

O. Korbut performs complicated element - the flip on the beam.

T. Turishcheva performs exercises on uneven bars, admits a technical error.

O. Korbut performs exercises on uneven bars.

O. Korbut give autographs to the audience.

Applauding audience.

Gymnasts on the podium: O. Korbut (1st place); T. Lazakovich (second place); T. Turishcheva (3 rd place).

4. Football fans in the evening go to the Central Stadium of Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Footballers of the USSR team and Northern Ireland before the match Happy birthday best goalkeeper of the world A. Yashin.

Fans in the stands applauding, waving flags.

Moments of the game the first half; Nodia scores goal in soccer in Northern Ireland.

Chanting fans in the stands.

Scoreboard with game results.

Moments of the game in the second half.

Fans chant "the puck, the puck!"

Goal against Northern Ireland scored Byshovets.

Chanting fans.

Players in both teams leave the stadium.