Soviet Sport 1970 № 6 Source of vitality and health. Archers will be Olympians. The family of Olympic champions. The prize of the newspaper Trud.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Leongardt U., Silenko M., Serov G.


1. Swimming pool "Moscow"- 10 years. 2. International tournament archers. 3. Family Olympians Voronin. 4. The traditional 30-kilometer race for the prize of the newspaper Trud.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. 10 years of pool "Moscow". Sports festival in the pool. Swim masters of sport. Synchronized swimming. Among the athletes: G. Prozumenschikova, L. Barbieri, V. Mazanov, L. Kolesnikov. Health section of the pool "Moscow". Float people. City of Moscow. Luzhniki. International competitions in archery. They shoot: J. Beken, R. Matthews, K. Laasonen, J. Andersen, K. Heltsenzauer, L. Gryshchenko, E. Ganchenko, T. Obraztsova, M. Peunov, V. Sydoruk, J. Sandelin. Athletes, gymnasts, wife of M. and Z. Voronin in the home, with a small son, in training, speaking at the USSR Championship in Minsk. Fragments of speeches S. Diomidova L. Tourischeva, L. Burda. Traditional 30-kilometer race for the prize of the newspaper "Trud" with the participation of athletes of nine foreign countries. Award winners.

Reel №1

1. The Kremlin, Moscow.

Pool "Moscow".

Wellness group of older people in the session in the pool - do gymnastics in the water, swim.

Children's group swim in the pool.

Holiday swimmers dedicated to the 10 th anniversary of the pool "Moscow".

Honored guests of the holiday - the master of sports of swimming Prozumenschikova G., L. Barbieri, V. Mazanov, L. Kolesnikov.

Awarding medals "Future Olympian" the best young swimmers.

Swimmer jumping from a tower into the water.

Competitions of young athletes, razryadnits swimming.

The girls' section of synchronized swimming.

Swimming competition among adolescents engaged in the swimming pool sections of the "Moscow".

The first Soviet world champion in swimming L. Meshkov and Olympic champion G. Prozumenschikova handed boys icons "swim".

Swimmers in the pool water paths.

2. Participants in the International tournament in archery at the firing line.

Aim and shoot the archers J. Beken (France), L. Skokko (Denmark), Mongolian archer, V. Reznikov (USSR) and other athletes.

Shoot the archers.

Targets hit by arrows.

English Archer, Matthew R., Dane Andersen, Finnish archer C. Laa, Frenchman Jean Beken near the targets.

Competition archers - shoot L. Thomas (UK), K. Heltsenzauer (Austria); Soviet Archers: LA Grishchenko (3 rd place), E. Ganchenko (second place) and T. Obraztsova (1st place) .

Winning the target T. Obraztsova.

Archers take place at the firing position.

Fires Soviet Archer M. Peunov (3 rd place).

Shoot Champion of the USSR V. Sidoruk (second place).

Finnish Competition winner shoots Archer II Sandelin.

Athletes congratulate I. Sandelin with a victory.

Archers socialize after the event, held at the stadium field.

3. The absolute world champion in gymnastics, Mikhail Voronin prepares for the USSR Championship in Minsk.

Gymnast Zinaida Voronina on warm-up before performance at the USSR Championship in Minsk.

Z. Voronin in the hall watching the performance of her husband, Mikhail Voronin.

Voronin performs exercises on the rings, performs the "cross Azarian.

Scoreboard with an estimate of Voronin "9.80".

Applauding audience.

Fragments of the speeches at the USSR championship gymnasts: V. Lissitzky, S. Diomidova L. Turishcheva, L. Bourdieu.

Views Voronin.

Z. Voronin prepares for performance, performs a floor exercise.

Watching gymnasts.

Scoreboard with an estimate of SZ Voronina, "9.75".

Zinaida Mikhail Voronin after the competition.

Wife, Zinaida, and Mikhail Voronin home with a young son.

4. Start the traditional 30-km run for the prize of the newspaper "Trud", with the participation of Soviet and foreign athletes.

Participants run at different stages of distance - a recreation park Gorky on Lenin Hills, the building of Moscow State University.

Distance are the Japanese athlete I. Mihara, Soviet runners Moiseev, Alexander Anisimov, D. Mukhamedzyanov, A. Skrypnik and Y. Volkov and others - different plans.

First finish A. Skrypnik.

Spectators along the route path.

Commentator of the car is a report from the competition.

Moscow River, Frunze Embankment, a boat on the river - from a movement.

By approaching the finish line and finish second Yuri Volkov.

On a distance run D. Mukhamedzyanov and Tsyrenkov, D. Mukhamedzyanov bypasses the opponent and finish third.

Applauding audience.

Presentation of awards A. Skrypnik, Y. Volkov and D. Muhamedzyanovu.

Athletes give autographs for the newspaper Trud.