Soviet Sport 1970 № 11 Towards the Games. Sporting family. 30 strong men. Graces Cup challenge.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Staroschuk N., Reyzentul A., Leongardt U., Silenko M., Golubchikov A., Petrosov R.


1. Athletes Lisichansky coal plant. 2. Sports family Dyadichevyh. 3. The USSR rugby. 4. USSR Cup competitions in rhythmic gymnastics in Tashkent.

Temporary description

Lisichanskiy coal plant. Sports club "Shakhtar". Preparation of athletes for the Games of the USSR. Training rowers, gymnasts. Theme is family Dyadichevyh from Leningrad. VS Dyadicheva - the doctor, the team Leningrad at work. VS Dyadichev - the champion of boxing, N. and M. Dyadichevy - schoolgirls and swimmers in training. Family Dyadichevyh involved physical exercises, running along the embankment of the Neva. Rugby match (fragments). Tashkent. USSR Cup gymnastics. Speakers: A. Zasukhina, E. Karpukhina, A. Nazmutdinova.

Reel №1

1. Lisichanskiy coal plant.

Miners out of mines, pass through the plant.

Miners - members of the sports society "Shakhtar are preparing for finals V Summer Games of the peoples of the USSR - do gymnastics on the stadium, prepared the boat to be launched.

Rowers on boats float down the river - different plans.

Honored trainer of the USSR LA Savvin directs training of athletes at the stadium, following the training of rowers and canoeing on the River Northern Donets.

Rowers in training - different plans.

2. On the Neva River are family Dyadichevyh.

Competitions fighters.

Team doctor Leningrad Vera S. Dyadicheva in medkabinete examines the athlete.

Daughter VS Dyadichevoy - Margarita and Natasha on training in a swimming pool.

Vladimir Dyadichev (formerly Leningrad champion in boxing) and members of his family engaged fizzaryadkoy, jogging along the Neva embankment.

3. Fragments of the rugby match between teams "Motorist" and "Dynamo" (Kiev) - different plans.

Fans in the stadium watching, discussing, screaming.

4. Street Tashkent.

The building of a new Palace of Sports.

The hall are participating competitions in rhythmic gymnastics at the USSR Cup.

Exercises with the tape does double champion of the USSR AN Ovchinnikov.

The performances Ovchinnikova watch Zasukhina A. and E. Karpukhina.

A. Nazmutdinova perform exercises with the tape.

A. Zasukhina performs exercises with a rope.

A. Nazmutdinova monitors the performance of A. Zasukhina.

E. Karpukhin perform exercises with the ball.

A. Nazmutdinova performs with a hoop.

Applauding audience.

Honored Master of Sports Lilia Nazmutdinova congratulates his sister A. Nazmutdinovu with successful performance.

E. Karpukhin, took 3 rd place award prizes for the most elegant member competitions.

Worth A. Zasukhina, which finished second place.

USSR Cup handed A. Nazmutdinovoy, won first place in competitions.