Soviet Sport 1970 № 12 Well done, girls! Rural sports. On the river Rioni.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Generalov N., Prudnikov M., Golubchikov A., Goncharov L.


1. World Championships in gymnastics in the Yugoslavia. 2. First All-Union rural sports. 3. First All-Union competition in slalom.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. USSR team on gymnastics in the gym. Present: SZ Voronina, L. Burda, L. Tourischeva. Yugoslavia. City of Ljubljana. World Cup Gymnastics. Speakers: E. Tsuhold, L. Tourischeva, K. Yang, Z. Voronina, L. Petrik. Rewarding team of the USSR. Personnel on L. Tourischeva: L. Tourischeva in training with V. Rastorotskim and courses in high school, receives a gold medal in Ljubljana. -Union rural sports. Performers are weightlifters, wrestlers. Among the athletes: A. Tskhovrebov, J. Talts, A. Dzhedzhelava. Competitions on techniques of water tourism and Kayak Slalom on the Rioni River (Georgia).

Reel №1

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1. Smiling world champion in gymnastics L. Turishcheva.

Presentation of gold medal L. Turishcheva at the World Championships in 1970.

Applauding spectators, photographers shoot.

Billboard sporting events with a photo L. Turishcheva.

L. Turishcheva Terrible trains in a gym under the guidance of well-deserved coach of the USSR V. Rastorotskogo.

A pupil in grade 8 L. Turishcheva at school in chemistry classes meet at the blackboard.

L. Turishcheva with his classmates during recess in a school corridor, L. Turishcheva holding a cup of the Soviet Union, which she won the competition in 1969.

Coaches team gymnasts are discussing the USSR team.

Gymnast Team USSR Z. Voronin, L. Burda, L. Turishcheva and other train in the gym before the performance at the World Cup - different plans.

Ljubljana at night.

Sports hall of the Palace "Hala Tivoli.

Parade of teams - member World Championships in gymnastics.

Spectators waved flags.

Soviet gymnasts in the hall before the performance.

Jump over the horse performs, E. Tsuhold (GDR).

Exercises on uneven bars performs K. Janz (GDR).

SZ Voronina performs exercises on uneven bars - she won a bronze medal and a prize for most elegant member championship.

L. Petrik perform exercises on a log.

Floor Exercise does LA Turishcheva.

Removes photographer, applauding spectators.

Scoreboard with an estimate of L. Turishcheva "9.85".

Fanfaristy play.

The award was presented to Soviet gymnasts to win the team championship at the championship.

Applauding audience in the hall.

2. Weightlifters - members of All-rural sport games appear on the competition - different plan.

On the platform of the Palace of Sports in Chisinau weightlifting team out of the Union Republics.

Pioneers of the athletes presented with flowers.

Spectators in the courtroom.

Speakers weightlifters lightweight; watching members of the jury.

A. acts Ryabtsev - fixes in the bench barbell weights 140 pounds.

Competitions freestyle wrestlers - the carpet struggling A. Bugubaev (Kazakhstan) and A. Aristov (Moldavia).

The judge follows the progress of the struggle.

The winner of the match - A. Bugubaev.

Duel between Alexander Tskhovrebova (Georgia) and V. Plakhotnyuk (Ukraine) - different plans.

Result of the fight - a draw.

The judges discuss the results of competitions.

The award AA Tskhovrebova, who finished first place in the all meetings of the tournament.

The award team wrestlers of Georgia won the team championship.

Address weightlifters heavyweight: the exit to the platform prepares the world champion, Estonian athlete Company Ioudu "Ya Talts.

J. Talts raises the bar - the result in the amount of 510 kilograms of triathlon.

Applauding the fans.

Stands second heavyweight weightlifter A. Jejelava (Georgia) - pushes the barbell weighing 195 pounds.

Lights warning light.

Presenting the team prize weightlifter RSFSR.

3. Competitors in water slalom canoeing-twos are challenging tracks slalom on the river Rioni - different plans.

Kayak perevertyvaetsya at a distance; rescuers help the athletes get out of the water.

Paddlers on the course - different plans.

Competitions kayak single: distance are Rigan M. Laydinsh, Latvian athlete J. Zarins and Leningrad Zhukov.

The spectators on the riverbank.

The award Zhukov who won the first place.

The award Leningrad rowers - A. Shkolnikov, and V. Tabachnikova, won in the class of "twos".

Stand agonist, were included in the USSR team.

Athletes like to thank the chief rescue J. Alders, rocked him in her arms.