Around the USSR 1970 № 72

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: A. Kochetkov, Luchinin, Reyzentul, A. Istomin


1. The plot of shipbuilders and deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR AV Chuev 2. The plot of the chief Colca lighthouse in the Baltic Sea. 3. The story of the children's ensemble "Jujalarim" Pioneer Palace in Baku.

Reel №1

1. Leningrad, the Baltic Shipyard.

Court at the pier.

The shipyards sudovoz «Star Ravenna» (made to order FRG).


Sudovoz coming off the stocks.

Propeller sudovoza.

Shipwright-turner Alex Chuev machinist, communicating with colleagues in the shop.

The building with the sign "Council innovators" in Leningrad.

Chairman of the Board of innovators - Alex Chuev - at a meeting with his comrades.

Chuev deputy at the Congress of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Chuev walks with her granddaughter in the woods, picking flowers.

Chuev a parliamentary reception with voters.

Chuev parses the letters of voters.

Chuev goes to the entrance of the plant. 2. Latvia, rustic house.

Family Alexei Sopranyuka.

Wife cooks in the kitchen.

Son Vasily A.Sopranyuka with books.

Pictures from ships in the books.

Storm on the Baltic Sea.

Lighthouse at Cape Kolka.

Sopranyuk at work at the lighthouse.

Changing supervisors and workers serving the lighthouse.

Work planting shrubs in the courtyard of the lighthouse.

TV room at the lighthouse.

Sopranyuk communicates with his son on the phone.

Night, the lighthouse provides signals ships. 3. Types of Baku, near the Caspian Sea.

Soloist sings (synchronously).

Children on the streets of Baku.

Girls jumping rope.

Schoolgirl in white apron jumping on the asphalt (classics).

The girl wrote in chalk on the blackboard in the classroom.

Girls in pointe in a dance class.

Classes are conducted by Honored Artist of Azerbaijan SSR Bertha Brailovskaya.

Lesson folk dance is People's Artist of Azerbaijan SSR Mahammad oglu-Zahar.

Children perform vocal and dance number "Chickens".

Students in the laboratory - former members of children's groups Palace of Pioneers.

Pioneer plays the drums.

Photos of European ensemble "Jujalarim."

Members of the ensemble dancing.


A.V.Chuev A.Sopranyuk B.A.Brailovskaya Mahammad oglu-Zahar


Leningrad Latvia Baku

Sea and river transport; Authorities and management; Sectors of the economy; Childhood and youth; Cultural Institutions