Soviet Sport № 7 Forward, Sports day! The second vocation. Visiting the "Archimedes". Champions of Europe. (1971)

Newsreel №12414, 1 part, duration: 0:10:08, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kulagina K.
Camera operators:Voroncov V., Petrosov R., Skorobogatova V., Kiselev V.


1. V Summer Olympics Ukraine. 2. The second call surgeon E. N. Bazarova - horseracing. 3. The opening of the pool "Archimedes " in Dubna. 4. European Amateur Boxing Championships in Madrid. 5. European Championships Weightlifting Championships in Sofia.

Temporary description:

City of Kiev. Fifth Annual Summer Sports day Ukraine. The parade of athletes. Competitions sambo on Rowing, athletics. In competitions involving athletes: Yuri Filatov, Yuri Stetsenko, V. Morozov, A. Lisowski, N. Marakin, T. Stratius, V. Borzov. Surgeon EN Bazarov in the operating room at the time of operation, is engaged in horseback riding in a section of Moscow society "Spartacus. EN Bazarov galloping on a horse, overcoming obstacles. City of Dubna, Moscow region. Grand opening of the swimming pool "Archimedes". The parade of athletes at the swimming pool floats "Neptune". Builders pass a symbolic key to the pool owners - academics. Mass swim athletes of all ages, swimming Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician GN Flerov. Spain, Madrid. European Amateur Boxing Championships. In the ring boxers V. Chernyshov and B. Hussing (FRG). Bulgaria, Sofia. European Championships in weightlifting. Handing V. Alekseev gold medal.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The parade of athletes at the stadium in Kiev to mark the opening V Summer Sports of Ukraine.

Athletes sneaked flag around the stadium.

Waving flags of the USSR and Ukrainian SSR.

Mass colorful performances of athletes at the stadium.

Speeches boxers and wrestlers in groups of gymnasts.

Competition swimmers in the pool.

Competitions rowers on the Dnieper River: The final race of kayaks-fours.

Kiev team of rowers in the Yu Filatova, Y. Stetsenko, Vladimir Morozov, and O. Lisowski finish first.

Competition in the high jump with a pole.

Sportswoman pushes the nucleus.

N. Marakina athlete hurls a spear.

The final race of women on the 100-meter hurdles, finishing first T. Stratius.

European champion Vladimir Borzov trains at the stadium.

Honored trainer of the USSR Vladimir Petrovski in the medical laboratory trains Borzov, check the physical condition of the athlete under stress.

Operate medical equipment.

The final race of men in the 100 meters, finishing first Borzov.

The audience applauds.

Borzov award prizes to the winner sports contest.

Parade at the stadium in honor of the Games of the closure.

2. Surgeon E. N. Bazarov in the clinic of the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology at the Academy of Medical Sciences is preparing for operations, conducts an operation.

EN Bazarov - pervorazryadnitsa Equestrian at the training section of the Moscow Spartak.

Schoolgirl Tania Muratova, Engineer BA Smirenin and other riders in training in athletics group.

Athletes and horsemen on training to overcome obstacles.

EN Bazarov on horseback overcomes obstacles - successful and unsuccessful attempts.

Coach led classes equestrians.

EN Bazarov holds the reins of his horse.

Cavalry passing along a forest trail.

3. The opening ceremony of the pool "Archimedes" in Dubna - girls in dresses dancing on the edge of Boni pool, jump into the water, "Neptune" on an inflatable boat in the pool.

The parade of athletes with distinguished guests: former world champion swimmer S. Boychenko and others.

Builders hand over the symbolic key to the Dubna scientists.

At the opening ceremony the newlyweds - champion of the country's water skiing I. Ilyin, and Master of Sport Yu Nehaevsky - raise the flag of the pool.

Staging - The crowd stands Archimedes.

Swim athletes of all ages.

Water-lane swimming Academician GN Flerov and Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sarantsev.

Inner and outer form pool "Archimedes".

4. On the street in Madrid passing cars.

Palace of Sports - external and internal views.

The final final battle European Boxing Championship - in the ring heavyweight: B. Hussing (FRG) and Chernyshev (USSR).

Applauding the fans.

The judge announces the winner of the Chernyshev, who won the title of champion of Europe.

5. The emblem of the European Championships in weightlifting.

Hall of competition; jury.

Soviet weightlifter, World champion Vladimir Alexeyev on the dais.

Alekseev records in the bench barbell weighing 225 pounds.

Working photojournalists.

V. Alekseev a jolt takes a barbell weighing 232.5 kilograms, setting a new world record.

Applauding the fans.

Coach kisses, wishes Alekseeva with a victory.

Alekseev on the podium, he handed the gold medal champion of Europe.

Podium stand Alekseev, S. Batishchev and R. Mann.

Female weightlifters presented with flowers.

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