Soviet Sport № 9 Shop for health. Ahead - Sapporo. Skiing on the Dnieper. Champion raises shift. Match of friendship. (1971)

Newsreel №12416, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Babushkin Ya.
Camera operators:Zemcov G., Koroev H., Tkachenko U., Mestechkin Ya., Voroncov V., Leongardt U.


1. Athletes Kommunarskogo smelter. 2. Pre-Olympic training Sannikov in the Caucasus Mountains. 3. USSR Championship in waterskiing. 4. Coach Galina Astakhov. 5. Friendship match athletes of the USSR, East Germany and Poland.

Temporary description:

Ukraine, Kommunarsk Voroshilovgrad area. Artificial lake in the wilderness, create jobs Kommunarsk smelter. Vacationers on the lake boating, swimming. Factory trained athletes in the gym of the plant. M. Lazarchuk - in gorodoshnom pavilion. Production gymnastics in the shops of the plant. Members of the USSR team of sled sport train in the mountains of the Caucasus. Senior coach Velichko with athletes sanochnikami. USSR Championship Water Ski on the River Dnieper. Performers are athletes: T. Geut, A. Bulatov. Newsreel P. Astakhova performances at international competitions in gymnastics. Coach of the Kiev school of sporting excellence P. Astakhov engaged with her students. City of Moscow. Competitions in athletics athletes of the Soviet Union, East Germany and Poland. Women's Race to 100, 400 meters hurdles race. Men's long jump. Race men's 800 meters. Winners: Ivanov, N. Chizhov, V. Sana'a and others.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Daisies on the banks of an artificial lake, a working Kommunarsky smelter.

Boats on the lake - different plans.

Holidaymakers on the lake, swimming children.

Children move out on a water slide.

Building Kommunarsky smelter.

The gym factory trained members of the wrestling.

At the stadium, athletes work out the elements of the factory shot put.

Special pavilion for the game of skittles.

In towns plays distributors M.Lazarchuk plant.

In the factory yard workers make production plant gymnastics.

2. Head coach of the Soviet national team luge V.Velichko talking to athletes tobogganers.

Training athletes on special roller sled - different plans.

Athletes with a sledge on the shoulders rise to the mountains.

Luge training on a snowy road in the mountains.

3. Competition in water slalom: athlete goes the distance - different plans, falling into the water.

Read the cameramen.

E.Titsev distance slalom runs.

Looking girl in a straw hat.

Figure skating competition water skiing.

Competitions in ski jumping, water skiing - different plans.

With springboard jumping athlete from Sevastopol T.Geut.

The athlete jumps from a springboard, falls into the water.

Smiling girl - the viewer.

Jump from a springboard performs A.Bulatov.

Judges competition show signs with the result of a jump A.Bulatova.

Water-skier on the course.

4. Olympic champion in gymnastics P.Astahova walks with his little daughter on the streets of Kiev.

Newsreel footage of the 1950's.:

Young gymnasts, including P.Astahova, exercising in the gym.

P.Astahova fulfills bar exercises.

Newsreel 1960:

The streets of Rome - Evening plan.

The emblem of the Rome Olympics.

The Olympic flame is lit.

P.Astahova speaking at the Rome Olympics competitions - performing exercises on the bars.

Applauding audience.

P.Astahova on the podium, the flag-raising ceremony of the USSR.

Coach talks to VASmirnov P.Astahovoy.

P.Astahova and V. Smirnov with his students in the gym Kiev high school sports skills.

Coach P.Astahova deals with gymnast working off a complex control on the bars; instructs athlete.

Training vault using the trampoline.

P.Astahova oversees training.

Gymnast performs exercises on the log; P.Astahova instructs athlete.

Twin sisters Alya and Olga Ozhereleva, other gymnasts train under the direction P.Astahovoy.

5. Multrabota - Stopwatch in hand, display the results of athletics competition of the USSR, East Germany and Poland.

Spectators in the stands of the Central Lenin Stadium in competition athletes.

Sprint race of 100 meters athletes on the course will finish first Soviet athlete A.Kornelyuk.

Applauding audience.

A.Kornelyuk passes through the stadium after the race.

Race women's 100 meters - athletes start, run distance, finishing the first athlete from the GDR R.Shteher.

Running men's 100-meter hurdles, finishing first Polish athlete L.Vodzinsky.

L.Vodzinsky passes through the stadium after the race.

Competitions Women's shot put: act M.Gumel athlete from East Germany (the result of 19 meters 38 centimeters) and Soviet athlete N.Chizhova - winner of the competition.

Competitions men shot put - core pushes Soviet sportmen V.Voykin with the result of 20 meters 38 centimeters, German athlete G.I.Rotenburg set a new European record - 21 meters 12 centimeters.

Relay sprint: in the first stage runs ahead L.Zharkova (USSR) in the second stage - in front R.Shteher (GDR) in the third stage Soviet athlete falls on the course will finish first athlete from the GDR.

Champion Games of Soviet Peoples N.Chistyakova preparing to run the 400 meters.

Hand starter pistol, shot.

Athletes in the 400 meters, chanting fans in the stands, first finish N.Chistyakova.

Competition in the triple jump - jump Y.Dremel (GDR) and V.Saneev (USSR).

The race of men's 800 meters - the athletes on the course first run Ivanov (USSR), second - D.Fromm from the GDR.

Ivanov finish first with a score of 1 minute 46 seconds.

Applauding audience.

Award ceremony of the competition.

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