Soviet Sport 1971 № 11 The most massive, sports ... First Racquet Europe. Do athletes Tuva. European Cup.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Silenko M., Petrosov R., Kiselev A., Levitan A.


1. Sports newspaper "Soviet Sport". 2. European champion in tennis Alexander Metreveli. 3. National sports Tuva. 4. VIII European Championships in gymnastics for women.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Meeting in the newspaper "Soviet Sport". Chief Editor N. Kiselev talking with the staff of the newspaper. Photographers: Volkov, Yu Morgulis, B. Svetlanov. The correspondent of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" D. Ryzhkov transmits information to the editor. The work of employees of foreign department. Operate teletype. Employees of the material in newspapers, see pictures of athletes. Send to other cities for printing matrices of the newspaper "Soviet Sport". The city of Tbilisi. European Champion in tennis. A. Metreveli in training at home. Of the game A. Metreveli and Hungarian tennis player I. Guyasha at the Moscow International Tennis Tournament. Tuva. Competitions in archery and combat "huresh. The winner of the competition - the farm B. Arantan driver receives a reward the horse. The city of Minsk. 8th European Championships in artistic gymnastics for women. Performers are gymnasts: T. Lazakovich, L. Tourischeva, E. Tsuhold.

Reel №1

1. Operate printing machines, is printing the newspaper Soviet Sport. "

The staff of the editorial staff and editor of "Soviet sport" NS Kiselev discussing materials of the next edition of the newspaper.

Issues of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" for different years, the first editions of sports newspapers in the 1920's.

Newsreels of the 1920's:

Mass action sports athletes in the parade, the poster "A healthy body - healthy mind".

By Red Square columns are athletes.

Photojournalist takes pride parade.

The newspaper "Soviet Sport" with photographs of sports parade.

Photographers Volkov, Yu Morgulis at the office.

Correspondents AD Ryzhkov and Boris Svetlanov work at the stadium during a hockey game.

AD Ryzhkov transmits information over the phone.

Typist edition prints on a typewriter.

The newspaper "Soviet Sport" with photos of hockey game.

Was a correspondent for the International Department of the editor - talks on the phone.

Photos of athletes, preparing for the Olympics in Sapporo.

Operate teletype.

Head of the Department of International Sports C. Bliznyuk colleagues view your photos, discuss materials for regular rooms (synchronous).

Packing matrices newspaper "Soviet Sport" to be sent to the city of the Soviet Union.

At the airport taxi aircraft.

Multrabota - The newspaper "Soviet Sport".

2. On the streets of Tbilisi with his wife and son walks European champion tennis A. Metreveli.

A. Metreveli trains with a rope, with a bar.

A. Metreveli photos during the game.

Rewarding A. Metreveli.

Prizes A. Metreveli

A. Metreveli moments of the meeting with a Hungarian tennis player Igor Guyashom at the Moscow International Tournament.

A. Metreveli with his wife and son walking in the garden.

3. Tuvan boy on a horse galloping across the steppe.

Competitions Tuvan archers.

Parade participants in the struggle "huresh" at the stadium in Kyzyl.

Worth a horse - a prize winner of competitions fighters.

The first stage of the competition fighters.

The winner performs the dance of the eagle. "

Showdown - struggling V. Araptan and O.Suur-ool.

The final moment of the fight "huresh; winner - V. Araptan

B. Araptan performs "eagle dance".

Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Tuva ASSR K. Buduk - ool hands VA Araptanu champion ribbon.

Hero of the Soviet Union shepherd Charles D. Mongush brings the winner of a horse.

B. Araptan makes a horse a victory lap around the stadium.

Applauding audience.

4. The building of the Minsk Palace of Sports.

Parade participants VIII European Championships in gymnastics.

Soviet athletes Turishcheva L. and T. Lazakovich give autographs.

Autograph gives a gymnast from the GDR E. Tsuhold.

E. Tsuhold performs vault.

Scoreboard with an estimate of E. Tsuhold - 9.70 points.

T. Lazakovich performs exercises on uneven bars.

L. Turishcheva performs exercises on uneven bars.

T. Lazakovich performs on balance beam.

Scoreboard - 9.70 points.

L. Turishcheva perform exercises on a log.

Scoreboard with an estimate of - 9.65 points.

T. Lazakovich performs floor exercise; score - 9.80 points.

L. Turishcheva performs floor exercise; score - 9.90 points.

T. Lazakovich performs vault; score - 9.75 points.

L. Turishcheva performs vault.

Views coach Vladimir Rastorotsky.

Scoreboard with an estimate of L. Turishcheva - 9.80 points; Applauds VA Rastorotsky.

Podium stand Turishcheva L. and T. Lazakovich, scored in all-around the same amount of points and won the title of champion of Europe.

E. Tsuhold, took 3 rd place on the podium.

Applauding audience.