Soviet Sport 1972 № 2 Sportclub "WEF". Flying cross-country skier. Unusual school. Boxing: Soviet Union - USA.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Serov G., Leongardt U., Shafran A., Silenko M.


1. Athletic Club Factory "WEF". 2. Honored Master of Sports in jumping K. Tsakadze. 3. Sports boarding school in Gomel. 4. Boxing match of the USSR and the USA.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - Sport club Riga factory "WEF". Charging in the shop. Section: volleyball players, weightlifters, cyclists, rugby players, skiers, Swimming Pool. 2syuzh. - Georgia. USSR Cup in ski jumping in Bakuriani: competition, rewarding. 3syuzh. - Sports boarding school in Gomel. Lessons in the classroom. Sport training: running, jumping, shot put, pole, basketball, swimming, boating. 4syuzh. Moscow. Match teams of boxers of the USSR and the United States.

Reel №1

1. The electronic scoreboard on the shop floor of the Riga factory VEF.

Conveyor radioproizvodstva in the shop of the plant - are young factory workers.

The emblem of the sports club of the plant "WEF".

Meeting the asset factory sports club.

Assembly line workers performing physical exercises.

In the sports club after work practicing women's volleyball team radiotseha.

Training in the weightlifting hall.

Weightlifters trained by P. Sukulis.

Adjuster is engaged with the rod factory, sports master J. Kerze.

Training in the bike section of the hall - the athletes are trained on special exercise bikes.

Coach E. Puce monitors training, provide guidance to athletes.

Engineer A. Ozolis conducts training section of rugby.

In the swimming pool sports club coach B. Sarajevo works with children of factory kindergarten - children swim, boy jumps into the pool with tables, crying little girl, afraid to jump into the water.

Coach of the ski section V. Tirzita involved with their pupils in the park.

Skiers on a training walk.

Winter landscape.

Assembling radios on an assembly line - different plans.

2. Bakuriani - winter landscape hillside.

Skiers prepare to compete at the USSR Cup in ski jumping.

Springboard to Bakuriani.

Competitor K. Tsakadze rises on a trampoline.

Jumping jumping skiers Belousov, G. Napalkov, S. Janin.

Ready to start, jumping K. Tsakadze.

Leap K. Tsakadze - freeze-frame, a touchdown - the result of jumping 104.5 meters.

K. Tsakadze with a young son in her arms.

Winter landscape in the vicinity of Bakuriani.

At a solemn meeting in Bakuriani Chairman Sports Committee of the USSR Pavlov awards honored master of sports K. Tsakadze Order of Red Banner of Labor.

Cheering in the hall.

3. Chemistry lesson in the class sports boarding school in Gomel, students conduct experiments.

Schoolgirl LI Sergienko - champion of the barrier run in the classroom.

LI Sergienko trains in the gym.

Girl fulfills the high jump style Fosbury (back down).

Girl trains in the shot put.

Trained young weightlifters.

Play women's basketball team.

Honored Coach of Belarus LN Makarevich coached basketball.

In the pool practicing swimming champion pop Schoolgirl I. Gerasimchuk.

Belarus coach GN Tkachuk deals with I. Gerasimchuk and champion of the country's diving V. garbage.

Trainer ST Kuksa leads classes in rowing at the gym on a special setup.

Coaching runners at the winter stadium.

4. Traditional boxing match teams USA and the USSR at the Palais des Sport in Luzhniki.

The team captains exchanged pennants.

In the ring boxers featherweight R. Taylor and Olympic champion Vladimir Sokolov.

R. Taylor knocked down, then gets up and continues to fight.

American boxing coach watching a duel.

The referee stops the fight, the winner - Vladimir Sokolov.

Moments of the fight between the winner of the Pan-American Games and L. Karlaylol Soviet boxer O. smart.

The winner of the match - O. senses., L. Carlyle O. Tolkova congratulated on his victory.

Duel between LA and N. Slouterom Anfilovym: in the first round knockout Anfilov Sloutera.

Heavyweights in the ring: the European champion Vladimir Chernyshev and U.S. champion Bobbik D.;

in the second round the referee stops the fight due to injury Chernyshev; Winner - D. Bobbik.

Placards with the results of the meeting 8:2 in favor of the Soviet fighters.

Spectators applaud.