Soviet Sport 1972 № 6 At the National Cup. Rural athletes. And again, ski ... Jubilee Cup.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Koroev H., Aslanov G., Leongardt U., Serov G., Petrosov R.


1. Cup competitions of the USSR in the modern pentathlon. 2. Filing rules TRP in the Kuban. 3. Competitions skiers RSFSR. 4. XXV USSR Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. - Cup in pentathlon in Nalchik. Competitions fencing, riding, pistol shooting, swimming, cross. Awards. 2 syuzh. -Filing of regulations by the TRP in the collective and state farms of the Kuban (pulling, throwing grenades, jumping, cross). 3 syuzh. Contest water skiers Russia on the Black Sea near Sochi. Running athletes exercises. 4 syuzh. -25 Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Tallinn. Speech gymnasts. Rewarding.

Reel №1

1. Panorama of snowy peaks of Mount Elbrus.

At the foot of the mountains are the skiers, spectators and tourists.

Skier passes the road slalom.

In front of the sports complex are athletes.

Hotel building.

Close-up of the USSR Cup in modern pentathlon.

Street Nalchik, transport passes.

Competition in fencing - pyatibortsy Vechta.

V. Shmelev preparing for a fight, fences.

The light device captures a shot.

Competitions in horsemanship - show jumping.

Athletes on horseback to overcome obstacles.

The horse stumbled on the wet from the rain field, the other horse falls at an obstacle.

Track jumping is Ukrainian pyatiborets P. Lednev - Olympic medalist in Mexico City.

Distance jumping passes B. helmets.

Pistol shooting - on target shooting competitions leaders V. Shmelev, and P. Lednev; sorevnovaniy.sudi shoot other players and coaches examine the target.

Scoreboard competitions.

V. Shmelev talks with the coach.

Competitions in swimming - swim 300 meters.

Stopwatch on the table.

V. Shmelev and other athletes at a distance; V. Shmelev finish with the best result.

Applauding the fans.

P. Lednev and V. Shmelev at a distance athletics cross.

Spectators at a distance, among them stands a man with a baby in her arms.

USSR Cup and letters on the table.

V. Shmelev presenting the award.

Stand pyatibortsy RSFSR team that won the USSR Cup.

Team captain Vladimir Shmelev with awards.

2. Flag of the sports society "Harvest."

Delivery of rules on the icon TRP on the farm named after Lenin Timashevsk region of Kuban: athletes and jury at the stadium, the excavator A. Skachedubov and other athletes perform credit for pulling on the bar.

Applauding villagers.

Filing rules for throwing grenades.

The judges measure the length of shots.

Panorama of the stadium in the Slavic region of Kuban, the girls jump in the height of the young men pass the rules on the run.

3. A water-skier starts from the pier, serves fancy exercises on the waves.

Starts and runs curly exercises on the water E. Tischev - different plans.

Preparing to start, starts and executes the elements of figure skating on the water E. Chekin.

At competitions serve girls - vodnolyzhnitsy: make curly exercises on the water.

4. Grand opening in Tallinn XXV-th anniversary of the USSR championship in rhythmic gymnastics - are drummer, in the hall are athletes - participants of the competition: the parade participants.

Gymnast Leontiev with USSR Cup in his hands.


Gymnast from Azerbaijan Sarandi performs exercises with a hoop, a gymnast from Kazakhstan Rakhmetova performs with a ribbon; Belarusian athlete Bordushko perform exercises with the tape.

The panel of judges during the competition.

Stands the champion of Ukraine Ovchinnikova; mistake - does not wrap.

Gymnast E. Karpukhina performs exercises with the tape; tape tangled during a speech.

Gymnast Alexander Nazmutdinova and G. Shugurova a break between performances.

Gymnast Alexander Zasukhina, A. and G. Nazmutdinova Shugurova perform the exercises with a hoop.

The audience applauds.

G. Shugurova after the speech.

Looks a little girl.

G. Shugurova perform exercises with the tape.

Awarding of winners of the championship - G. Shugurova, A. and A. Nazmutdnovoy Zasukhina.

Awarding an honorary diploma coach G. Shugurova - Galina Gorenkova.

G. Shugurova on the podium.