Soviet Sport № 11 At the XX Olympic Games. (1972)

Newsreel №12555, 1 part, duration: 0:10:16, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Tulubeva Z.


Special vypus newsreel devoted to conducting XX Olympic Games in Munich. Awarding of the Soviet Olympic team with government awards.

Temporary description:

Olympic regatta in Kiel (Baltic Sea). Competitions (yachts, kayaks); rewarding. Ran desyatibortsy. Javelin, disk shotput. Men's high jump, long. Running, boxing. Weightlifters. Rewarding athletes.

Reel №1

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The Olympic flame burns over the stadium in Munich.

Olympic sailing competition in Kiel.

Yachts "Tempest" at a distance.

The winners of the regatta in this class - Soviet sailors W. Mankin and B. Dyrdyra.

Competition paddlers in canoes to single women.

Finish first Soviet athlete Yu Ryabchinskaya.

Competition men's kayak singles, was the first Soviet athlete finishes Yu Malyshev, won the Olympic title.

Finish in the women's kayak-twos, first to cross the finish line, and E. L. Pinaeva Kuryshko (USSR).

Finish in the men's kayak-two.

Soviet rowers N. Gorbachev and Vladimir Kratasyuk finish first.

Competitions kayak-fours.

At the finish of the Soviet rowers Yuri Filatov, V. Morozov, Yuri Stetsenko, and VV Didenko pulled out ahead and finish first.

The Soviet national flag raised in honor of the victories of Soviet athletes at the Olympics in Munich.

Awarding of the Soviet Olympic rowing champions: A. Shaparenko, Yu Malyshev, L. and E. Pinaeva Kuryshko, N. Gorbachev, V. Kratasyuk, Yuri Filatov, V. Morozov, Yuri Stetsenko and V. Didenko.

Equestrian dressage competition at the arena.

Soviet athlete E. Petushkova on horseback Ashes.

On an arena team of Soviet riders, who won gold medal in the competitions in dressage: E. Petushkova, J. Kalita and J. Kizimov.

Last start athletics decathlon - running at 1500 meters: a distance Soviet athlete N. Avilov, won a gold medal, and other athletes.

Two athletes fell after the finish of fatigue.

On the ground lies a fallen tired athlete.

Athlete kissing medal.

Cries the losing fencer.

Athletes shake contest winner.

J. Lusis (USSR), throws a spear.

Flying spear.

J. Lusis, who won the silver medal goes to the stadium.

A. Bondarchuk (USSR) hurls a hammer at 75 meters 50 centimeters (a new Olympic record).

On the podium: A. Bondarchuk - 1 seat; B. Hlemevsky - 3 rd place.

Presentation of gold medal A. Bondarchuk.

Pass through the stadium N. Chizhov and other athletes.

N. Chizhov pushes the nucleus.

The judges measure the impact site of the nucleus (21 m 3 centimeters - a new world record).

Soviet athlete F. Miller set a new Olympic record - metal disc at 66 meters 62 centimeters.

Competition in high jump: jumps American athlete D. Stodis - 2 meters 21 centimeters (Rapid).

At the height of the jumps Sh Junge (GDR) - silver medalist.

Soviet diver Yu Tarmac takes a height of 2 meters 23 centimeters (Rapid).

Yu Tarmac handed the gold medal.

Competition in the triple jump - jumping N. Arudensio Brazilian, who won the bronze medal.

J. Dremmel jumps from the GDR - a silver medal.

Soviet athlete jumps B. Saneev, won a gold medal - the length of the jumps of 17 meters 35 centimeters.

The final race at 1500 meters for women - the first Soviet athlete finishes L. Bragin, setting a new world record.

Placards with the results of the race.

Presentation of gold medal L. Bragin.

Meeting of the average weight of boxers - Soviet boxer in the ring B. Lemeshev and boxer from Finland Virtanen.

Virtanen in a knockout.

The judge is the winner of the battle V. Lemeshev.

Heavyweight weightlifters before the performance.

Serves R. Mang of West Germany - can not take the weight.

Acts Soviet weightlifter V. Alexeev.

The audience applauds.

Presentation of Gold Medal V. Alekseev.

Weightlifters on the podium.

The national flag of the Soviet Union, raised to commemorate the victory of Soviet athletes.

Newspapers with photographs of Soviet athletes won gold medals at the Olympics in Munich: LA Turishcheva, O. Korbut, Borzov, L. Bragin.

Newspaper article "Soviet Olympians - heroes XX Olympiad in the arms of the motherland", picture Olympians return to Moscow.

Order of Lenin.

Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR M. Shumauskas hands orde5na Lenin athletes: V. Alexeev, V. Borzov, A. Medvedev, L. Pinaeva, A. Roshchin, V. Saneevu.

Present in the courtroom applauded.

Coach Borzov Vladimir Petrovsky, who was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner, Order of Lenin pin on the chest of his pupil.

M. Shumauskas hands of the Order of Red Banner of Labor: VA Alexeyev - coach Chizhov;

Athletes N. Avilova, L. Turishcheva; coach B. Rostotsky.

The Order of Honour receiving O. Korbut, T. Lazakovich, Y. Tarmac, J. Lusis, Vasin, V. Lemeshev.

Olympians B. Saneev, A. Bondarchuk, A. Turishcheva, G.Stepanova-Prozumenschikova, V. Alexeev, O. Korbut after the ceremony.

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