Soviet Sport 1973 № 1 We are from Vladimir. Meet: Yuri Tarmac. In hockey team.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pyeters P.

Operators: Makarov V., Rozhin L., Leongardt U., Serov G.


1. Vladimirskie athletes. 2. Olympic champion in the high jump Yu Tarmac. 3. A hockey tournament for the prize of the newspaper Izvestia.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - Street Vladimir. Coach N. Tolkachev in the gym, the boy performs exercises, the coach gives instructions. National Champion Andrianov jumps and performs exercises on the rings. Andrianov and pushers are talking. 2syuzh. - Tallinn. Yu Tarmac on training. The winning jump Yu Tarmac at Munich in 1972, Yu Tarmak and his coach considered a storyboard jump, the athlete jumps. 3syuzh. - goalkeeper of the USSR hockey match on the Prize "Izvestia-72. Moments of the game. Vladimir Bobrov. Viewers. On the field V. Kharlamov and Boris Mikhailov. Passage A. Maltsev and goal. Passage A. Yakushev.

Reel №1

1. Vladimir city - churches, buildings.

Halls of specialized youth sport school gym.

Girls and boys of primary school under the guidance of coaches involved in the gym - different plans.

Head of School, honored trainer of the USSR NG Tolkachev in the gym during school hours watching the exercise, talking with coaches.

The pupil of the school, Olympic champion gymnast Andrianov talks with the coach.

Awards Andrianov.

Andrianov training in school gym - the horse does jump through the "revolution forward, flip-forward (from Rapid).

Talk Andrianov and N. Tolkachev.

Andrianov performs exercises on the rings.

Boys and N. Tolkachev oversee training Andrianov.

2. City of Tallinn - the panorama.

Olympic champion in the high jump Yu Tarmac at home with his father and mother looked at pictures.

Gold medal won by Yu Tarmac at the Olympic Games in Munich.

Yu Tarmac trains in the gym at various gymnastic apparatus - different plans.

Address Yu Tarmac at the Olympics in Munich, Yu Tarmac on the podium.

Yu Tarmac and his coach PS Goikhman pass along the waterfront of Leningrad, considering the book in a bookstore.

In the gym, and P. Yu Tarmac Goikhman consider fotoraskadrovku jump Tarmac.

Yu Tarmac on training in the gym, P. Goikhman oversees training athlete.

Yu Tarmac - economics student at Leningrad State University - at the library wrote a term paper.

3. Emblem hockey tournament for the prize of the newspaper Izvestia -72.

New goalkeeper Alexander Sidelnikov at the gate.

Moments hockey match between the USSR and Finland.

Soviet national team coach VM Bobrov watching the game.

On the ice, playing the first triple of the USSR team: Boris Mikhailov and Vladimir Petrov, V. Kharlamov - different plans.

Playing the second triple team: A. Maltsev, Shadrin, A. Yakushev - different plans.

Maltsev scores.

Screaming fans.

Playing Yakushev.

Playing the third three - young players Lebedev, Anisin, Potunov - different plans.

Playing Anisin; Potunov scores.

(Behind the scenes story sounds Bobrova reorganization of the USSR team before the tournament).

V. Bobrov watching the game, give instructions to the players.