Soviet Sport № 5 "Dinamo " - a force in motion! (1973)

Newsreel №12690, 1 part, duration: 0:10:18, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Tulubeva Z.
Camera operators:Leongardt U., Fedyaev E., Serov G.


Special issue devoted to film chronicles the 50 anniversary of the sports society "Dynamo".

Temporary description:

By Red Square are athletes. , Chairperson of the Central Board of society "Dynamo" AA Kupriyanov. Dinamo Stadium. Jumps N. Ozolin. E. Sechenov - winner of the race. N. Dumbadze throws the disc. Stepanchonok wins the race. Runs A. Pugachevsky. In the ring V. Mikhailov and Kovalev. Rewarding athletes. Footballers team Dynamo. L. Tourischeva on the uneven bars. Skiers on the distance. Ice Dancing LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Columns athletes Dynamo are on the streets of Moscow.

Are standard-bearers, waving flags of society "Dynamo".

Lenin Mausoleum, an honor guard at the entrance.

Column athletes Dynamo, led by veterans of the sport is on the Red Square athletes lay a wreath at the Lenin Mausoleum.

Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin walls; Dynamo lay a wreath commemorating the fallen soldiers of a moment of silence.

Columns Dynamo held on Sverdlov Square, past the Central Children's World on Dzerzhinsky Square.

Laying a wreath at the monument to Dzerzhinsky, a moment of silence.

The solemn meeting in the club Ministry of Internal Affairs, devoted to the 50 th anniversary of "Dynamo" - the hall includes athletes - veterans, their standing welcome gathered in the hall.

The report advocates the chairman of the Central Council of "Dinamo" AA Kupriyanov.

Presidium of the meeting.

Newsreel footage in 1923: The sign on the building of the Moscow proletarian Sports Society Dinamo.

Standing athletes.

Dynamo train at the stadium: running around the dirt track, lift weights, the athlete is engaged with the rod.

At the first water station Dinamo jumping from the tower, the rowers train on the boats.

The new stadium "Dinamo" - filmed from the top point.

Newsreel different years: Speeches athletes at the stadium - N. Ozolin jumping from the sixth, is the distance, finishing runner E. Medical Academy, N. Dumbadze throws the disc; I. Stepanchenok acts hurdles, finishing, R. Lyul'ko acts in the running for 200 and 400 meters sprinter N. scribble on race, runner A. Pugachevsky at a distance; weightlifter S. Ambartsumian raises the bar; boxer Vladimir Mikhailov fights with N. Korolev, AP Ippolitov Skater on the course, awarding cup PS Ippolitova.

Rewarding laurel wreaths walkers O. Goncharenko, V. Kosichkina, M. Isakov and Artamonova.

Prizes and trophies won by athletes, "Dynamo".

Newsreel different years: The people at the stadium "Dynamo" on the day of a football match.

People come to the stadium by car, by tram.

Fans go to the stadium.

Spectators at the stadium "Dynamo".

The football team "Dinamo" in the stadium before the match.

It is worth goalkeeper A. Khomich.

Seeing Lev Yashin, Yashin AL with a golden ball - winning the best goalkeeper in the world.

Honored trainer of the USSR BN Astafjev talking with the athletes.

Newsreel footage: The competition supports student BN Astafieva gymnast F. Urbanowicz - perform exercises on the rings; H. Urbanowicz practicing on the uneven bars.

Gymnast L. Turishcheva speaks at events - do exercises on uneven bars.

Exercises on the balance beam gymnast performs T. Lazakovich.

Voronin gymnast performs exercises on the rings.

Fragment of a tennis match - played by A. Metreveli.

EA Novikov at competitions in fencing.

Rewarding boxer Vladimir Popenchenko.

Standing athletes - veterans, veteran passes the baton to the young athletes, young athletes and veterans of the sport Dynamo portrayed flowers, a parade of young Dinamo stadium.

Newsreel 1930th years.: Dinamo on the military-athletic training: jumping off a cliff, cross-country running, throwing grenades.

Newsreels 1941: Explosion; hands taking grenades, drives a truck with soldiers.

The landing of paratroopers skiers Dynamo.

Veterans Dynamo memorial plaque at the shooting range, where the trained athletes, honor the memory of a minute of silence.

Competitions on the military-applied sports - biathlon at a distance, at the shooting range, firing a pistol and rifles, training fighters at the gym.

Classes Dynamo fire-applied sports.

Grand opening of the V Games of the peoples of the USSR at the Central Stadium of Lenin - the emblem of "Dinamo" stadium; Dynamo perform gymnastic exercises.

Olympic champions - Dynamo: is the distance, finishing runner LA Bragin, jumping a height of Yu Tarmac; triple jump serves V. Saneev; ice serve LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov, coach hockey Chernyshev watching the game Dinamo B. Davydov, VA Vassiliev and Alexander Maltsev.

The emblem of "D" and the numeral "50" on the club scene MIA. Applaud the members of the presidium.

Society "Dinamo" in honor of 50 years were awarded the banner of the Komsomol Central Committee and Sports Committee of the USSR - veterans of the sport Dumbadze N. and M. Isakov, take a banner, he sneaked down the hall.

Holiday columns athletes - on the streets of Moscow Dynamo.

Multrabota - Inscription "Dinamo" - a force in motion.

Maxim Gorky. "

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