Soviet Sport № 7 At the start - TRP. Planck climbs higher. Getting ready for the Universiade. Match of the USSR - FRG. (1973)

Newsreel №12692, 1 part, duration: 0:10:19, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Krichevskiy A.
Camera operators:Buslaev U., Voinov O., Solovev N., Leongardt U., Serov G.


1. Filing rules TRP cultural workers. 2. Tbilisi sports school - boarding school. 3. Lithuanian athletes preparing for the Universiade. 4. Friendship match athletes of the USSR and Germany.

Temporary description:

1syuzh. - At the stadium are cultural workers. Female VDNH doing exercises. Competitions participants. Handing Your GTO. 2syuzh. - Tbilisi. R. Shavlakadze has played sports. The young man takes the height. Contest jumpers. Jumping I. Blagoev, B. Maly, V. Brumel, R. Shavlakadze. Shavlakadze on a pedestal. Students Shavlakadze. 3syuzh. - Vilnius. Vilnius University. Student K.Chapka in training performs a jump. N. Saba by training. L. Andriauskas in training with a spear. 4syuzh. - Leningrad. Race women and men. Spectators under umbrellas. Disc throws L. Westerman, F. babies. Kopemetateli K. Volferman and J. Luske. Pass command of the USSR and Germany.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. According to the Central Stadium of Lenin are pillars of cultural workers involved in the competition to deliver the standards on the icon TRP.

Pass of Publishing Pravda, Izvestia and other

Spectators in the stands.

ENEA operates fizzaryadku workers.

Watching judge the competition.

Athletics - long jump, high, shot put.

Volleyball match between the publisher Izvestia and Pravda.

Competitions on the run.

Hand with a stopwatch.

Runners finish, the competitors after the finish of drinking water from a cup.

At the stadium there are competitors.

Awarding of certificates and badges TRP agonists.

2. Tbilisi - filmed from the top point.

Director of the Tbilisi sports boarding school, a champion in high jump R. Shavlakadze stadium deals with the students working off school technology leap.

The boys jump in height.

International competition in the high jump for the prize R. Shavlakadze the Tbilisi Sport Palace.

Judges of the competition.

R. Shavlakadze with his disciples among the fans on the platform.

Jump world record holder, Bulgarian athlete I. Blagoev.

Scoreboard with a score of "188".

Jumping champion of Czechoslovakia W. Maly.

Jumps B. Brumel.

Newsreel footage 1960.:

Flags of the Olympics in Rome.

At competitions in height serves R. Shavlakadze; takes a height of 2 meters 16 centimeters.

Podium stand - R. Shavlakadze (1 seat), D. Thomas (2 nd place); B. Brumel (3 position).

Applauding audience.

At competitions in Tbilisi R. Shavlakadze award prizes B. Maly, I. Blagoeva.

R. Shavlakadze talks with his pupils in the school yard.

3. City Vilnius - panorama from the top point.

The building of the Vilnius University.

In the yard of the university students are reading books, teacher.

Textbook of political economy at the hands of the student.

Student of physics and mathematics, the European champion in high jump K. cap in the courtyard of the University read a textbook.

K. Hat goes to the gym.

K. cap on the stadium under the guidance of coach Igor Godovicha performs special exercises - jumping up the steps on one leg, jumping through a few steps.

K. Hat fulfills high jump "method Fosbyuri.

A new residential district of Vilnius.

On the balcony of a new home medalist in running N. Saba and her husband watered the flowers.

In the park sit N. Saba and her husband and coach Korablene F., N. Saba, F. Korablene presents a bouquet of flowers.

N. Saba and F. Korablene for a jog in the park, N. Saba, under the leadership of F. Korablene perform physical exercises.

Decathlete L. Andriauskas tunic firewood in the yard of his grandfather.

L. Andriauskas trains at the stadium under the guidance of his coach, VN Izotov - performs special exercises, hurls a spear, jumping high with six.

L. Andriauskas wipes face with a towel.

4. The streets of Leningrad.

Leningraders go to the stadium named after Lenin.

Fans read a poster about the Game of the USSR - FRG.

Spectators in the grandstands during the race athletes of the USSR and Germany.

Ready to start an Olympic champion in the relay race A. Richter.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

Running women's 100 meters - a distance athlete, the first finish A. Richter of Germany.

Applauding audience.

Running men's 100 meters - the athletes on the course, finishing the first Soviet athlete A. Korneluk.

Puddles on the pavement like rain.

Spectators under umbrellas at the stadium.

Competitions discus - speak L. Westerman (FRG), and Melnik (USSR).

Sitting judges competitions.

By the javelin athlete preparing Soviet J. Lusis and athlete from Germany K. Volferman.

J. Lusis a first attempt at throwing a spear at 90 meters.

The first attempt K. Folkermana - 84 meters 86 centimeters.

The judges measure the length of the throw.

J. Lusis second shot - the result of its 91 centimeter 32 centimeters.

J. Lusis and K. Folkerman talk after the competition.

Awarding the Soviet athletes won the match.

Soviet athletes with banners held in the stadium.

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