Soviet Sport 1973 № 8 At the national championships. Honored coach of the republic. Match of athletes: the USSR - the United States.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Morgachev I.

Operators: Morgachev I.,Serov G.


1. National Championship equestrian sports - show jumping, "Upper class". 2. Honored coach of the republic VG Alabin. 3. 11th match athletes of the USSR and the USA.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - Riders Tkachenko, Kirgiz, V. Lisitsyn, Yu Zyabrev on the track. Congratulations Zyabreva victory. 2syuzh. - Coach VG Alabin with his son walking along the street. Train master of sports A. Liquid, N. Safronov. Competitions athletes. 3syuzh. - Men's men. Men's high jump. Men's 100 meters. N. Besfamilnov among athletes. Jumping V. Diaz, J. Lauris, V. Podluzhny.

Reel №1

1. Horses - Jumping participants at the Moscow Hippodrome.

Riders pass route with 13-D obstacles: act P. Tkachenko, M. Kirgiz, V. Lisitsyn, and Yu Zyabrev - different plans.

Yu Zyabreva congratulations on his victory in the jumping, hand over prize.

2. Associate Professor of the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute, honored coach of the republic VG Alabin at work in the office.

Theoretical calculations Alabina on slips of paper.

Books V. Alabina on research training athletes.

B. Alabin with his son are in the rain on the streets of Minsk.

At the stadium the rain trains the best pupil of Alabina, European champion in the relay race - A. Liquid.

B. Alabin oversees training, advice.

On the treadmill at the gym trains under the guidance of Alabina champion First All-Union Youth Games runner AN Safronov.

On the machine at the gym trains running champion Vladimir Makovetskaya.

B. Alabin oversees training.

Athletes - inmates B. Alabina trained on different simulators, giving the load on different muscle groups.

B. Alabin watching athletes give instructions.

B. Alabin and A. Liquid pass through the stadium before the start of the meeting of athletes of the USSR and the USA.

A. Liquid and an American athlete Serena Williams warming up before a performance.

B. Alabin on the podium.

Athletes will start, go the distance - different plans.

Serena Williams will finish first.

A. The liquid after the race passes through the stadium.

3. On the field Minsk Dynamo stadium are athletes - members 11-second match athletes of the giant Soviet Union and the United States.

Men's Relay, high jump, long jump - different plans.

Nucleus pushes the American sportsman A. Feuerbach.

Running a hundred meters for women - athletes start, go the distance, the first Soviet athletes finish Besfamilnov N. and G. Mitrokhin.

American athlete V. Diaz warming up before a competition in high jump with a pole.

V. Diaz jumps to a height of 5 meters.

Soviet athlete J. Lauris jumping to a height of 5 meters 30 centimeters.

Spectators in the stands.

Hurdles Men 110 meters, finishing the first American T. White.

Athletes R. Williams and B. Podluzhny give autographs.

R. Williams jumps in length, the result of 7 meters 93 centimeters.

Standing, laughing, American athletes.

Soviet athlete V. Podluzhny jumps in length, the result of 8 meters 6 centimeters.

Applauding spectators in the stands.

Athletes congratulate B. Podluzhny with a victory.

Coach V. Podluzhny I.Ter-Hovhannisyan, and ex-world champion Boston newscaster R. B. congratulate Podluzhny.

Pioneers of the athletes presented with flowers.

Soviet and American athletes, holding hands, run around the stadium.