Soviet Sport 1973 № 11 People and rocks. Girl from Togliatti. Ardon - mad water.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pyetyers P.

Operators: Lebedev O., Osipov I., Stepanov K., Koroev H.


1. USSR Championship climbing. 2. USSR champion in trampolining A. Starikov. 3. USSR Championship in boating technology.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - Climber descends, M. Khergiani climbs on the rock. Climbers on the construction of Nurek HPP. N. Novikova on a rock. Ascend V. Markelov, A. Dima. Rock Hargiani. 2syuzh. - The city of Togliatti pass O. Starikov. Acrobats on training in the gym. Starikov jumping on a trampoline, with a coach. 3syuzh. - Are competitors on the technology of water tourism. Landscape. Athletes kayak on the track competitions. M. and A. Zusha Starvo at a distance. Winners Nekrasov and A. Zhukov. Ardon River.

Reel №1

1. Scala Khergiani, which is the second championship of the USSR climbing, dedicated 50 years of Soviet mountaineering.

The rock climbers descend rapidly - different plans.

At the foot of the rock for the descent watching athletes and spectators.

Opening of a memorial plaque on a rock named after the famous climber Michael Khergiani, who died in the mountains of Italy during the ascent in 1969.

Athletes of foreign countries participating in the competitions, watching rock climbers.

Bubble flow of the river Vakhsh.

Construction Nurek (general view).

Team climbing ropes reinforce the rock hanging over the hydroelectric dam.

Climbers - builders Nurek among the participants of the championship.

The rock on the rope climbs cameraman.

The rise of foreign athletes are prepared.

The rock climbs American D. Dzhenettski.

Track events are the leaders - N. Novikov, who won the title of champion in the individual climbing, and O. Markelov, rank the absolute champion of the USSR.

Male climbers climb the rock.

The route passes B. Markelov, watching him, his wife O. Markelov.

B. Markelov descends from the cliff.

The route passes climber A. Demin.

Match ligaments - the rise of the two partners using different climbing techniques.

The man turns the handle of the winch with a rope.

To rock climb O. Kosmachev and A. Denisenko, winning in this kind of competition - different plans.

In the rock is A. Demin, won the title of an absolute champion.

Scala Khergiani.

2. On the highway passing car "Lada".

The street passes Togliatti A. Starikov - apparatchitsa synthetic rubber plant, the champion of the USSR on the trampoline.

Passing railway platform cars Zhiguli.

Hall sports club synthetic rubber plant.

Athletes perform acrobatic exercises, exercise on a trampoline.

A. Starikov practicing on the trampoline under the guidance of coach B. A. Groisman.

B. Groisman oversees training, provide guidance.

Photos speeches A. Starikov.

Jumping on a trampoline O. Starikova - different plans.

Celebrated in Togliatti after a sports tour of the USA.

Applauding audience.

Athletes go through the hall.

O. Starikova handed gifts.

A. Starikov in the gym talking to B. Groysmanom.

3. Parade participants in the competition - athletes Soviet republics.

Panorama of a mountain ridge.

The rapid flow of the river Ardon.

Athletes in fellow kayak sailing, fighting the raging torrent, trying to pass the gate, mounted on 700-meter track.

Sports camp shore Ardon.

Athletes preparing the boat for competition.

Judges of the competition.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

Kayaks on the course.

Inverted kayak, athletes fall into the water, descend from a distance.

Check-in mixed crews; on the track - the Latvian athletes Zutan and Andris Stavro.

Men - paddlers on the course.

Congratulations to winners of competitions Nekrasov and A. Zhukov.

Since prizes are members of the Kuibyshev team that won in the team standings.