Soviet Sport № 9 Towards the Games. Knights of the oval ball. Here are fond of sport. European Champions Cup. (1974)

Newsreel №12837, 1 part, duration: 0:10:21, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Tulubeva Z.
Camera operators:Buslaev U., Zababurin V., Kudryashov V., Serov G., Silenkov M., Kovalchuk V.


1. II-an all-union rural sports. 2. 1st International Rugby Sevens Tournament in Moscow. 3. Athletes ship "Ivan Franko. " 4. Hockey match at the European Cup.

Temporary description:

Contest 2 All-rural sports in Saratov: Speeches weightlifters, cyclists, runners, javelin thrower. 1-st International Rugby Sevens Tournament in Moscow. Fragments of the match teams of Romania and the USSR national teams of Yugoslavia and the USSR. Members of the crew the ship "Ivan Franko" doing morning exercises. Passengers of the ship floating in the pool, sunbathe. Crew members are playing volleyball, practicing in the gym the ship. International ice hockey match between the teams of CSKA and Brynas (Sweden).

Reel №1

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1. Flags and emblems of II-th All-rural sports games on the building of the Saratov Circus, where competitions are held weightlifters.

The area in front of the circus are men.

Teams weightlifters entering the arena.

Stand Estonian weightlifters, including world record holder KA Utsar.

Boom lifts Olympic champion, Estonian athlete J. Talts.

Raise the bar and Estonian C. Utsar Belarusian weightlifter A. Pritz.

Rewarding A. Prica.

A. Pritz and K. Utsar on the podium.

At Volgograd highway near Saratov team cyclists ready to race for 100 miles.

Cyclists start, go the distance.

At a distance - the team of Kazakh society Kairat, Latvia "Warp" and Russian "Harvest."

The first team will finish "Harvest" - four riders from the farm Altai, Irkutsk and Tula regions.

Judges at the finish.

Cyclists wash after the finish.

General view of the Saratov Lokomotiv stadium, where the athletics competitions.

Competing runners.

By the javelin prepare: the Estonian athlete E. Rummo etc.

E. Rummo hurls a spear, and her congratulations on his victory.

Running a hundred meter hurdles for women, the first athlete runs from Zaporozhye, a spokeswoman for the society "Kolos S. Dovzhenko, who became the winner.

Lithuanian athlete L. Bakelite pushes the nucleus.

Placards with the results of the throw.

Running a hundred yards among women, the first in the race - an athlete community "Harvest" by L. Ushatikov.

L. Ushatikov - winner of the race after the finish.

Female amateur on the podium.

Flags II-s All-rural games.

2. Moments of the game of rugby - played by adult and children's teams.

Panorama of flags of participating countries a second international tournament for rugby.

Athletes at the stadium.

Banner reading "International Rugby Sevens Tournament for the prize of the newspaper Socialist Industry."

The ball into center field.

Moments of the game of rugby players of Romania and the USSR.

Viewers are watching, applauding.

Watch the game coaches.

Read the press photographers.

Articles about the tournament and photographs in the newspapers "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Soviet Sport", "Socialist Industry."

TV cameraman shoots.

Moments of the game of rugby players of Yugoslavia and the USSR.

Playing for prize cup between teams team clubs Moscow clubs and the national team of the Soviet Union.

Presentation Cup coach of the team winners - team of the Soviet Union Boris Varakin.

3. The members of the crew of the ship "Ivan Franko" perform productive exercises in the restaurant ship.

Passengers of the ship at the pool - sunbathing, swimming.

Captain's cabin.

Sailors on the ship's deck, play volleyball, watching the passengers of the ship.

Chairman of the Committee of the ship SWD Vodnik VD Evtihevich with team members on the deck.

Senior mechanic, champion ship in weightlifting G. Grigorshin dumbbell presses.

Awards and certificates won by sportsmegami ship.

In the gym the ship at various trainers trained athletes: G. Bondarenko - Administrator of the restaurant, V. Igumnov - Waiter; A. Drapak - minder and others.

Competitions command deck and engine room on shestiveselnyh Yalaha while parked ship.

4. Flower bed.

CSKA Sport Palace, pass people.

The match at the European Cup between the teams of CSKA and the Swedish club Brunhes "- the beginning of the game, moments of the match.

CSKA hockey player throws the puck Swedish team.

CSKA coach K. Loktev watching the game.

Soviet hockey players on the bench players.

V. Kharlamov throws the puck.

Applaud the fans in the stands.

Final moments of the game - a part of B. Mihailova throws the puck team Boyunes.

Hockey players leave the field.

Fans chant "Good!" (Synchronous).

By the score 12:2 in favor of CSKA.

B. Mikhailov award prizes.

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