Soviet Sport № 5 Newsreels "Soviet sport" for 30 years. Pages kinoletopisi sports. (1976)

Newsreel №13121, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:39, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Bessarabov I.
Camera operators:Petrosov R., Gorbatskiy V.
Anouncers:Ozerov N.


Special Issue newsreel devoted 30 years of newsreel "Soviet sport ". In the special issue describes the speeches of Soviet athletes in various international competitions and Olympic Games from 1946 to 1976.

Temporary description:

Football match in 1946 in Moscow at the Dynamo Stadium (Moscow). Presenting the highest award in European football - the Golden Ball goalkeeper Lev Yashin. Competitions children's football teams for the prize of "Leather Ball ". Sports commentators Sinyavskaya and N. Ozerov. World record holder in discus throw NM Speech diskobolok Dumbadze Ponomarev, F. Miller. Two-time Olympic champion runner Vladimir Kuts at international competitions for the prize cross newspaper L'Humanite in Paris. Speech at the Olympics in Tokyo swimmer Halina Prozumenschikovoy. Participation of athletes, athletes: Valery Brumel, Valery Borzov, Viktor Kapitonov and others in the international competitions. Awarding of the Soviet chess M. Botvinnik, V. Smyslov, M. Tal, T. Petrosian, Boris Spassky, A. Karpov - world chess champion (images chronicle various years). Speeches Soviet weightlifters, gymnasts, figure skaters in international competitions over the years from 1946 to 1976.

Reel №1

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1946 - A street in Moscow.

Fans go to the stadium "Dinamo".

Poster "Sold Out".

Football players take to the pitch.

Fans in the stands.

Moments of the game.

Sports commentator V.Sinyavsky passes the commentary booth, sits down to a microphone, begins coverage of the stadium (synchronously).

Fans in the stands.

Among the fans in the stands goes, sits speaker Hmara.

Footballers CDKA Demin, Beavers and G. Fedotov at the viewing platform.

Players of "Dynamo" Jakushin, Khomich on the podium.

Out on the field football teams led by captains - V. Sokolov and B.Molchatsky

On the podium with the fans writer Konstantin Simonov.

On the field, there are football teams: the team of the world and the England team, among them - the goalkeeper L.Yashin.

Fragments of the match.

L.Yashinu awarded the highest award for European football - the "Golden Ball".

Fragments of youth football teams for the prize of "Leather Ball".

With a bouquet of flowers is the champion of Moscow's tennis N.Ozerov.

N.Ozerov on the court.

N.Ozerov in the commentator booth is broadcast from the football game (synchronously).

Soccer players on the field - moments of the game.

They run the mass race participants.

People come out of the store with hula hoops.

Woman exercising with a hula-hoop.

Production gymnastics in the shop.

On the deck of the ship vacationers play volleyball.

National sports.

World record holder in the discus throw Dumbadze and Olympic champion - diskobolka Nina Ponomariov at the event.

Speech diskobolki Faina Melnik.

Speech at the event Soviet athlete V.Kutsa - different plans.

Stadium in Luzhniki.

Competition in the pool.

Speech at the Olympic Games in Tokyo swimmer G.Prozumeschikovoy

The participation of athletes-athletes: Brumel, V.Saneev, V.Borzova and V.Kapitonova in international competitions and the Olympics.

Soviet chess players M.Botwinnik, V.Smyslov, M. Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and Anatoly Karpov - newsreel footage for different years.

Speech at the World Cup 1946 Soviet weightlifter M.Novaka.

Speeches and weightlifters Yu.

Vlasova L.Zhabotinskogo, V. Alexeev at the Olympics.

Performances of gymnasts and I. Deryugin N.Krasheninnikovoy in international gymnastics competitions.

Young gymnasts in the classroom in the hall.

Skating rink Medeo.

Competitions skaters.

V.Kulikov skater on the track.

Statement by the Soviet skaters - M.Isakovoy, E.Grishina, O.Goncharenko, L.Skoblikovoy in international competitions and the Olympic Games (1946 newsreel footage of 1960s.).

Performances of Soviet athletes at Olimpiade1976 in Innsbruck - T.Averina skater on the course, performance skiers and biathletes, fragments of a hockey game.

Hockey players rest during the break.

Soviet hockey players congratulated on his victory.

Hockey match in 1946 at the stadium "Dinamo Moscow.

Hockey game featuring young hockey players club "Golden Puck".

The competition for the rental rules TRP - different plans.

Looks chairman of the All-Union Council of TRP cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

Ski Jumping - different plans; Rapid.

Competition in diving, whitewater.

Speech at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck in 1964 L.Belousovoy skaters. and O.Protopopova.

Speech of the first Soviet skaters - newsreel footage of different years.

1960 - Speech skaters Stanislav Zhuk and Nina.

LA Pakhomov, dance and A. Gorshkov, I. Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev.

E.Vodorezova skater performs.

Speech gymnasts L.Latyninoy in various competitions.

The coach of the Soviet national gymnastics L.Latynina oversees the performance of gymnasts.

Speakers gymnasts - L. Turishcheva, O. Korbut.

At international competitions are the gymnasts - V.Chukarin, Voronin.

Exercises on the rings executes Galina Urbanowicz (newsreels of the 1950s.).

N.Kuchinskaya perform exercises on a balance beam.

The gymnast performs exercises on the bar - Rapid.

Performances in competitions of young gymnasts N.Shaposhnikovoy and M. Filatov.

Young children are in training in different sports - different plans.

Layouts Olympic venues Olympics-80.

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