Soviet Sport № 9 At the Olympics in Montreal. (1976)

Newsreel №13125, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:17, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Safronov V.


Special Issue newsreel "Soviet sport"№ № 9-10, dedicated XXI Olympic Games in Montreal.

Temporary description:

Canada. Types of Montreal. Opening 21 th Summer Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The Soviet delegation held in the stadium. Competitions athletes in cycling, shooting from a pistol in the race with obstacles, sailing, swimming, boxing, the equestrian sport of weightlifting in pole-vaulting, in gymnastics. Rewarding the winners of the Olympic Games. Competitions rowers, wrestlers. Closure of the Olympic Games.

Reel №1

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City of Montreal - shot from the top point.

Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Opening of the XXI Olympiad - are teams around the world.

Sneaked Olympic flag is attached to the flagpole, the flag is raised.

Gymnast Sandra Henderson and Stephane Prefontaine runner carries the torch with the Olympic flame, lit the Olympic flame.

The audience is applauding.

Buildings Olympic complex - different plans.

Start cycling on highway 100 kilometers.

Judge shoots the starting gun.

Steeplechase over short distances.

Yacht on the water.

Athlete jumps from a springboard into the water.

Competition swimmers.

Boxers in the ring.

Rider overcomes the obstacle (from Rapid).

The athlete jumps into the water from a springboard.

Contest runners.

Performing athletes socialist countries Pole Ya.

Vshola jumps in height; Bulgarian weightlifter V.Hristov raises the bar; M.Nemet Hungarian athlete throwing javelin.


Running athletes, the first Cuban athlete runs A.Huantereana, ustanovishy a new world record in the 800 meters.

T.Slyusarsky Polish athlete, who became the owner of a gold medal with a sixth overcomes a height of 5 meters 50 centimeters.

Women's Swimming Competition - first finish school girl from East K.Ender.

Romanian schoolgirl N.Komanechi, which became an Olympic champion, performs on the uneven bars and balance beam - different plans.

Board with points, applauding audience.

Soviet riders start at one stage of one hundred km road race, the Soviet riders on the track at the finish.

Soviet cyclist A.Chukanovu, V.Chaplyginu, V.Kaminskomu, A.Piikusu awarded gold medals.

Competitions in weightlifting - the audience in the hall.

Athlete flyweight A.Voronin pushing the barbell weighing 141 pounds.

A.Voronina congratulated on his victory.

The audience applauded.

On the dais athlete athletic featherweight N.Kolesnikov push rod weighing 161 kilograms 500 grams.

Champions on the podium.

Competitions wrestlers - wrestlers on the mat classic style.

Screaming fans.

The final match in judo wrestler S.Novikovym between the Soviet and the athlete from the GDR G.Neyroyterom.

The referee raises the hand of the winner S.Novikova.

Judges and wrestlers bows.

On the carpet wrestlers - L.Tediashvili (USSR) and B.Peterson (USA).

The referee raises his hand L.Tediashvili.

Reel №2

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City of Montreal - removed from the aircraft.

Applauding spectators in the Sports Palace.

On the platform goes USSR men's team gymnastics, the panorama of N.Andrianova.

N. Andrianov performs the floor exercise, vault, exercises on the rings.

Board with the evaluation N.Andrianova "9.8 points".

S.Kato Japanese gymnast performs exercises on the bars.

Raised the Soviet flag.

N. Andrianov on the highest step of the podium.

In second place - S.Kato in third - Japanese athlete M.Tsukahara.

Soviet gymnast Nellie Kim performs the floor exercise and vault - different plans.

Board with estimates of H. Kim, "9.95" and "10" points.

L. Turishcheva performs with floor exercises.

The pictures in the newspaper of the Soviet gymnasts who received an Olympic gold in the team event.

Swim the women's 200-meter breaststroke.

Float and finish in the Soviet athletes.

M.Koshevaya finish.

M.Koshevoy photo in the newspaper.

Men's swim relay 4 by 200 meters.

Finish the last stage - finishing first world record D.Montgomeri of the United States, Soviet athlete finishes second Krylov.

Competitions on jumps from the tower - jumping athlete from the United States D. Wilson.

With the evaluation board.

Swede jumps U.Knape - Olympic champion in Munich.

The audience applauded.

Getting ready to jump, jumping Soviet athlete E.Vaytsehovskaya - from Rapid.

Jubilant spectators.

E.Vaytsehovskaya out of the water.

Portrait E.Vaytsehovskoy in the newspaper.

Rowing canal "Notre Dame" with the aircraft.


On the water, the boat-Four.

Canoe-twos on the water.

The first to finish in the Soviet rowers S.Petrenko and A.Vinogradov.

Final race kayak fours, finish in the Soviet athletes.

Olympic champions Yu.

Filatov, A.Degtyarev, V. Morozov and S.Chuhray on the podium.

Athletics stadium - removed from the aircraft.

The stadium.

Race men's 100 meters, athletes running Borzov.

Athletes on the podium; Borzov in third place.

800 meters race woman - athletes at the start, to start preparing Soviet athlete T.Kazankina.

Athletes on the course, finishing T.Kazankina.

The audience is applauding.

Triple jump - jumping V.Saneev.

Scoreboard V.Saneeva.

Yuri Sedykh Soviet athlete throws the hammer.

Hammer marks, judges measure the result.

Board with a score of Yuri Sedykh.

Rewarding athletes - on the podium Yuri Sedykh, A.Spiridonov and A.Bondarchuk.

V. Alexeev weightlifter pushes the barbell weighing 255 pounds, setting a new world record.

Jubilant spectators.

Olympic flame is extinguished.

Closure of the Olympics - the athletes at the stadium, the Olympic flame is extinguished.

The luminous display "Goodbye Montreal, Moscow before the meeting."

The emblem of the Moscow Olympics-80.

Movie №0

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