Soviet Sport № 12 TRP on the march. Meet: Nellie Kim. People and rocks. Triple somersault (1976)

Newsreel №13128, 1 part, duration: 0:10:18, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kiselev S.
Camera operators:Zababurin V., Levenberg M., Golubev A., Mikosha V., Leongardt U.


1. The third national championship all-round TRP. 2. Olympic champion in gymnastics H. Kim. 3. International competition climbing. 4. International tournament in sports acrobatics.

Temporary description:

Types of Tashkent. Opening in Tashkent 3rd all-around championship of the USSR on the TRP. Celebration at the city stadium. Competitions in swimming, running. Training gymnast Nellie Kim - Olympic champion. Nelli Kim passes through the city, along with fellow students gather apples on the farm. Landscapes of Lake Riza. Training climbers. Competitions climbers from different countries. International tournament acrobats in Riga for a prize in memory of astronaut Volkova.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. On the streets of Tashkent are athletes - participants of the 3rd USSR championship all-around TRP.

The opening ceremony of the championship - girls in national dress holding a dish of fruit, the musicians played on national instruments, the stadium are team athletes, delivered by the Chair of the Board TRP Union, pilot-cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

At the stadium land paratroopers.

Watching and applauding spectators.

Running competition, the high jump.

Competition in throwing grenades.

Swimming competition.

Leonov watching the performances of athletes.

Snow Stadium in Tashkent.

Running competition among the different age groups.

2. Hands holding a gold medal.

Gymnast N.Kim sitting with friends in the gym, girls consider N.Kim Olympic medals.

N.Kim performs with the floor exercise at the Olympic Games in Montreal.

Merited Coach of the USSR V.B.Baydin talking to athletes in the gym.

Gymnasts specialized sports schools g.

Chimkenta to warm up in the gym.

N.Kim in class at the Kazakh State Institute of Physical Culture.

Apple orchard: the branches from apple fruit.

N.Kim collects apples sponsored farm, carries a basket of apples.

N.Kim with a friend passes on the street Shymkent.

3. Mountain road passing vehicles.

Lake Riza.

The rocks in the vicinity of Lake Riza.

Athletes Yupshara climbers in the gorge.

Athletes from different countries are preparing for a competition.

French climber R.Mishel rises on a rock.

Athletes treated rubbers.

Climber wearing galoshes, tie them with a bandage.

Competitors climb the rock.

Soviet athlete L.Gurchiani climbs the cliff, down the cliff on a rope.

L.Gurchiani congratulate the victory (second place in the championship).

Congratulate the winner of the competition A.Demina.

4. Hall Riga Sports Palace.

Acrobats are - members of the international tournament in memory of cosmonaut V.Volkova.

Warm-up athletes.

Playing the world champions in sports acrobatics 1976 T.Krivtsova and Kuznetsov.

Perform acrobatics champions of women and N.Tischenko M.Kuharenko.

Playing winning the tournament champion of the USSR - the female trio G.Udodova, G.Korchemnaya and T.Isaenko.

Performs the men's team from Poland - L.Antonovich, V.Shvechik, B.Zayonez and S.Halada.

Sitting judges competitions.

Acts Soviet Four - L.Pesok, M.Smirnov and brothers Motrenko.

Tumbling - playing the world champion from Stavropol L.Tsiganova.

Acts athlete from U.S. B.Hemblen.

Tumbling and double back flip performs L.Lesovaya.

Triple somersault performed champion Soviet athlete V.Bindler.

A.Rasselin performs a triple somersault.

Applauding audience.

Parade of acrobats in the Palace of Sports.

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