Soviet Sport 1979 № 3 Athena. Diana. Amazon. Running on the waves.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Artseulov O.

Operators: Averbukh M., Artseulov O., Voinov O.


Special Issue newsreel devoted to women athletes. 1. The best fencer of the country Vladimir Sidorov. 2. National team archery. 3. Address riders G. Loy and A. Dobrovolsky. 4. Champion of the country's water ski I. Potes.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. - Sculptures winner of the Olympic Games V in. BC. e. and Venus. Newsreel: Sportwoman 20-ies. Sculpture Athens. Fencer Sidorova in training, athlete interviews, fragments of the battle. 2 syuzh. - Sculpture of Diana. Girl shoots a bow. V. Kovpan preparing for a competition, archery. Butt. They shoot the other athletes. 3 syuzh. - Multrabota: Sculpture of the Amazon. Horsewoman. Horses in different angles. Departure horsewoman. Performers are Dobrovol'skaya L. Gunn and Loy. 4 syuzh. - Multrabota: the birth of Aphrodite from the foam. Waterskiing. Stands Inessa Potes. Coach welcomes the winner. Sportsmen water-skiing. J. Potes trains in the pool with a winch.

Reel №1

1. Sculpture winner Olympic Games V century BC, a statue of Venus.

Gymnasts train, perform the exercises with the ball.

Newsreels 1920's.:

Girls performing physical training exercises, perform in Red Square.

Gymnasts perform choreographed exercises.

The sculpture of the goddess Athena.

Olympic champion in fencing Sidorova on training.

Sports Equipment Sidorova.

Interviews Sidorova (synchronously).

Fragments of a training bout.

2. The sculpture of the goddess Diana.

Girl shoots a bow.

World record holder, V. Kovpan archer pulls the bow string, put on gear, it looks in the mirror.

B. Kovpan archery.

Target pierced with arrows.

Archers shoot - members of the national team archery - different plans.

3. Sculpture Amazons.

Rider on the horse.

Passing rider on horseback.

Art show Dressage rider Gunn Loy and L. Dobrovolskaya - different plans.

G. Loy and L. Dobrovolskaya corrected harness, muzzle stroking horses.

4. Painting Botticelli's "Birth of Aphrodite".

Speech at the competition water ski champion of the country I. Potes.

I. Potes on the podium.

Coach Novozhilov congratulates IM Potes.

I. Potes in the gym practicing on the trampoline.

I. Potes and other athletes, water skiers train in the pool - work out the elements using a special winch.

Sportswoman of the water-skiing - from Rapid.