Soviet Sport 1979 № 4 Towards the Olympics 80. Fedorovsky option. "Battle Gloves.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Khoryakov A.

Operators: Leongardt U., Lomakin A., Babushkin I.


1. Story about the preparations for the Olympics 80. 2. New methods of conducting classes in physical education. 3. Adolescence Sports Club "Battle Gloves. 4. International tournament in gymnastics at the prize of the newspaper Moscow News.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. - Olympic mascots and souvenirs. Electric cars to accompany the marathon runners and cyclists. Classes in the language laboratory for the preparation of guides and interpreters. Uniforms for the staff of the Games. Machines with a painted bear on the streets of Moscow. Olympic Village: buildings, interiors. Construction of new sports facilities. 2 syuzh. - Gym class at school. Gyms PTU N 33 in Mogilev. Professor G. Fedorov. Students in vocational schools in the workshop are made of sporting equipment. Building sporting equipment in the hall, kids classes for them. 3 syuzh. - Club members "Fighting gloves" Zaporozhye, headed by coaches running cross. Coach Yu Yu Beladze. Old pictures. The boys train in the hall under the leadership Beladze. 4 syuzh. - Members of international gymnastics competitions for the prizes of the newspaperMoscow News. "Flags of participating countries and emblems of the competition. Training in the hall. Speeches on rings, parallel bars and horizontal bar. Training gymnasts. Statement on the beam, horizontal bar, carpet. Rewarding Soviet athletes.

Reel №1

1. Sale in the store mascots and souvenirs Olympics-80.

Books issued for the Olympics.

Posters for the Moscow Olympics.

Electric brand "RAF", created for the judges, who will accompany the marathoners and cyclists.

Special carriages for tourists, the interior compartment.

Classes in the language lab for the preparation of guides and interpreters.

The models demonstrate a model of uniforms for service personnel Games.

Drives a car with Olympic symbols, transportation on the streets of Moscow.

Olympic village: buildings, interiors of rooms for the athletes.

Construction of new sport of Olympic facilities: football field with artificial turf at the stadium CSKA - working color rostrum; worked as a welder, riding with a treadmill, universal gym.

Reconstruction of a large sports arena in Luzhniki.

2. Students in gym class are engaged in various gymnastic apparatus.

Sign "Mogilev vocational school metal number 33."

Pupils in vocational classes at the gym are engaged in a special sports equipment, designed by physical education teachers, GI Fedorov.

GI Fedorov at gym class.

Vocational school students in the studio manufactured parts for sports equipment.

Assembling sports equipment in the hall before the start of the lesson of physical culture - different plans.

Views GI Fedorov.

Guys do on the equipment and simulators - different plans.

3. The members of the Martial Gloves of Zaporozhye, headed by coach Yu Beladze run cross.

Photos of Yu Beladze different years.

Young boxers training in the hall under the direction of Beladze.

Yu Beladze the building of secondary school talking with his pupils, held with a group of guys on the street.

4. Standing participants in the tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics - Athletes from 29 countries.

Flags of participating countries and the emblem of the tournament.

Sitting judges competitions.

Soviet gymnast B. Makuts perform exercises on the rings on the bars, on the crossbar.

Applauding audience.

Young gymnasts to warm up before a competition.

Are being prepared by O. Bicherova and N. Shaposhnikov.

N. Shaposhnikov perform exercises on a balance beam, the uneven bars.

S. Zakharova gymnast performs on balance beam, doing a jump, perform floor exercises.

Applauding audience.

Award winners of the tournament S. Zakharov (1 seat), N. Shaposhnikov

(Place 2), E. Davidov (3 position).