Pioneerhood № 11 (1979)

Newsreel №13575, 1 part, duration: 0:09:55, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Skitovich V.
Camera operators:Rusanov A.


1. The plot of the postmaster Southern lighthouse in the Far East Cape Gamow and his young son. 2. The plot of the School of young sailors in Vladivostok. 3. Plot of the school forest in the Ussuri taiga. 4. The plot of the guerrilla areas in the Far East and the museum in the village writer A.A.Fadeeva Chuguevka.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Primorsky Krai, sea cliffs.

Type of beaches and cliffs with sailing ship, the sailors on deck.

Southern lighthouse at Cape Gamow.

Lighthouse keeper up the stairs.

Work washes spotlight.

Running radio operator.

Head lighthouse Sobolev with a young son on the observation deck.

Children in the courtyard of the lighthouse ride on a swing, play with the machine.

Sobolev and son fishing.

Sobolev and his son are on the territory of the lighthouse bell.

A general view of the lighthouse and the sea was given. 2. Vladivostok, residents in the streets.

Brass band sounds.

In the city marching cabin boy.

Cabin boy in the port, come aboard the mother ship.

Cabin boy engaged in the chart room.

Cabin boy go by submarine on land.

Cabin boy in the compartments of the submarine.

Cabin boy a lesson for navigation.

Cabin boy knit knots, studying marine engine.

Cabin boy rowing boat oars.

Classes are young radio operators.

Cabin boy on the deck of the ship "Pioneer fleet."

Cabin boy in the wheelhouse at the helm.

Cabin boy on a ship pass by a large ship in the port.

Cabin boy eating ice cream.

3. Ussuri taiga, school forestry.

Guys with backpacks in the mountains.

Children on the banks of the river, picking berries, fishing.

Children dine, dried mushrooms.

Taiga landscapes.

Children work on the ground with cedar seedlings.

The headmaster M.M.Nikolaev with children in the arboretum.

Children caring for trees, clearing the soil with a rake.

Birch "Grove friendship" signs on the trees.

Children interact with the forester.

Building Lyubitovskoy eight-year school.

Student in the classroom at their desks. 4. The plot of "The Edge of Partisan Glory."

Khabarovsk region, village Rakitnoe.

Students in the woods near the soldiers' graves.

Photos partisans, prototypes of the heroes of novels A.A.Fadeeva.

Books Fadeev.

Taiga landscape.

Former guerrilla Vasily Dmitriev.

A.A.Fadeeva museum in the village Chuguevka.

Visitors to the museum are considering exposure.

Books Fadeev.

Area, administration building in Chuguyevka.

Each youth writer A.F.Kolesnikova at a meeting with students.

Those listening to children.

Monuments Fadeev, the Young Guard, the partisans.

Far Eastern landscapes.



Locations: Primorsky Krai [764] Vladivostok [951] Khabarovsk Krai [766]

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