Soviet Sport 1980 № 12 Awards of the motherland. Olympian Victor Krovopuskov. It will be at the Olympics 84.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Mostovoy P.

Operators: Vilu A., Voinov O., Ermolaev L., Petrosov R.


1. Rewarding Olympians. 2. The plot of the Olympic champion in fencing B. Krovopuskove. 3. Competitions USSR in synchronized swimming. 4. Competition in rhythmic gymnastics for the prize of the magazine "Soviet woman ".

Temporary description

1 syuzh. Award to the athletes - Olympic Games-80 in the Kremlin. The awardees A. Dityatin, T. Kazankin, V. Krovopuskov and others. Stands Pavlov. 2 syuzh. Olympics-80. Fencing Tournament. Student B. Krovopuskov in the classroom at the Institute of Physical Education in the anatomical laboratory training. Prizes and awards W. Krovopuskova. 3 syuzh. City of Tallinn. Competitions at the USSR Cup in synchronized swimming. Performances in a single voyage, the paired statements, 6 participants. 4 syuzh. The demonstrations of artistic gymnastics. Performers are D. Kutkayte, D. Kordosh, E. Thomas.

Reel №1

1.Gorit Olympic flame.

Footage of sports Olympics-80: competition in the race, swimmers start, highway cycling; shtagist kisses coach; finish kayak single, finishing the Soviet runner, gymnast A.Dityatin on the podium, Soviet gymnast.

In the Hall of the Kremlin sitting Olympic athletes.

First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR VV Kuznetsov congratulates athletes and award of the Order of Lenin A.Dityatinu gymnast, runner T.Kazankinoy, fencer V.Krovopuskovu, hammer thrower Yuri Sedykh, Honored Master of Sports Z.Mironovoy.

Kuznetsov presents the Order of the October Revolution - V.Saneevu athlete, coach, cycling V.Kapitonovu.

Kuznetsov is awarded the Order of the Red Banner - weightlifter S.Rahmanova, Order of Friendship - gymnast E.Davydovu V.Suhoruchenkova and cyclist.

Applauded the athletes and coaches, among them - T.Tarasova.

On behalf of the awardees of thanks, Chairperson of the Sports Committee of the USSR Pavlov.

Athletes listen, applaud standing.

2. Poster "Olympics-80. Fencing tournament. "

Newspapers with portraits V.Krovopuskova, photos V.Krovopuskova.

V.Krovopuskov among the spectators at the match between hockey teams of CSKA and "Spartacus."

A student of the Institute of Physical Education in the classroom in V.Krovopuskov anatomical museum and biochemical laboratories.

V.Krovopuskov in the gym training.

Coach V.Krovopuskova - M.Rakita.

V.Krovopuskov M.Rakita and wear masks, Vechta.

Prizes and awards V.Krovopuskova.

V.Krovopuskov with young son looking album.

Olympic gold medals Krovopuskova.

Training Fencing - Rapid.

3. The city of Tallinn - a panorama on the roofs of buildings, street.

Posters on the synchronized swimming competition in the Estonian and Russian.

Athletes in class choreography, the lessons are coach M. Maximova.

USSR Cup competitions in artistic and synchronized swimming in the pool, "Caleb."

Stands a lone swimmer - performs gymnastic exercises at the pool, and then jumps into the pool.

Looks judge.

Another swimmer performs exercises at the pool, then - in the pool.

Applauding audience.

Speakers participating pair of synchronized swimming.

Performs synchronized team of 6 people.

4. Demonstration performances of athletes in rhythmic gymnastics in the gym "Friendship."

Applauding veterans in rhythmic gymnastics.

Young gymnasts presented with flowers sports veterans.

Scoreboard competition.

Sitting judges competitions.

D. Kutkayte gymnast performs exercises with a rope.

Looks referee.

Shoot photographers.

D.Kutkayte sitting with the coach after the speech.

Romanian athlete D.Kordosh perform exercises with tape.

E.Tomas Soviet gymnast performs exercises with a hoop.

Applauding audience.

Awarding of the winners - on the podium stand E.Tomas, D.Kordosh, D.Kutkayte.