Soviet Sport № 3 In honor of the 26 th Party Congress. (1981)

Newsreel №13819, 1 part, duration: 0:09:53, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Khoryakov A.
Camera operators:Ermolaev L., Artseulov O., N. Generals, Serov Yu, Smooth B., Kagan, I., Sidorchenko H., Donets, V., A. Rozhin


Special Issue newsreel about the sports competitions held on the eve of the 26 th Party Congress. 1. Equestrian holiday. 2. USSR Championship in swimming, with the participation of foreign athletes. 3. USSR Championship in Athletics. 4. Kavgolovskaya trails. 5. All-Union competition bobsled.

Temporary description:

Sports festivals and events devoted to the 26 Congress of the CPSU: horse-racing competition in the arena of CSKA, competition swimmers in the pool "Olympic". Winter USSR Championship in Athletics in the Minsk Palace of athletics. The next stage of World Cup skiing in Kavgolovo near Leningrad. Competitions in bobsled Chusovoi in the Urals.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Speech by the best riders of the country in a new arena of CSKA.

Applauding audience.

Serves the Olympic champion in dressage I. Kalita.

Competition in show jumping.

Riders perform traditional cavalry exercises - cutting the vine.

2. Swim Women 100-meter freestyle.

Athletes on the course - different plans.

First finishes N. Strunnikova.

Sportswoman of the GDR I. Geissler for warm-ups before the competition.

Swimming women's 100 meters butterfly stroke.

I. Geissler finishes.

Placards with the results of race.

Olympic champion Vladimir Salnikov preparing to swim.

Watching fans.

Swimmers at a distance.

Vladimir Salnikov finish.

Vladimir Salnikov on the podium.

3. Winter USSR Championship in Athletics in Minsk.

Running races with obstacles, competition in the triple jump.

Unsuccessful attempts to "get high" 191 cm Serkova M. and O. Bondarenko.

Jumper M. Serkova overcomes height 191 cm.

Chanting fans.

M. Serkova signing autographs.

Competition in the high jump with a sixth - the athletes Polyakov and A. Krupski overcome the height of 5 meters 60 centimeters.

Polyakov and A. Krupski on the podium.

On the field the stadium held championship participants.

4. Kavgolovo - Flags of the countries participating in ski racing the next stage of the World Cup.

Athletes mark skiing.

Ready to start Kulakova, R. Smetanina, R. Khvorova, and other athletes.

The race at 30 kilometers to cook - Finn H. Kirvesniemi, Norwegian U. Aunli, Soviet skiers: A. Zavialov and E. Belyaev, O. Breaux Norwegian, Swedish TV Vassberg.

Athletes at the start, at a distance - different plans.

Goes the distance, finishing the first Soviet skier R. Bakiyev.

On the track O. Breaux, T. Vassberg, H. Kirvesniemi.

A. Zavialov finish.

Applauding audience.

A. Congratulations Zavialova - winner of the sum of the six stages.

Olympic Champion R. Smetanina ready to start.

Stopwatch "Omega".

R. Smetanina on the 20-kilometer route.

R. Smetanina finish.

5. The icy chute sled race - bob.

Close-up of bean.

Athletes sharpen sled runners.

Athletes preparing for competitions bean bear.

Bobsleigh track.

Grand opening of the First All-Union competition bobsled.

Athlete lights the fire in the cup competitions.

Standing athletes from different cities of the USSR.

Electronic scoreboard.

Athletes warm up before a competition.

Start a team of Muscovites.

Athletes on the track.

Bobsleigh Track Discontinued travel.

Spectators along the route.

Finish athletes team from Moscow.

Winners - Muscovite Sergey Lebedev and Leningrad S. Khailov on the podium.

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