Soviet Sport 1982 № 2 Your day off. Relay generations. Who submits rod.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Generalov L.

Operators: Bochkov F., Zababurin V., Generals N. Voinov O.


1. Holiday weekend workers Riga Carriage Works. 2. Preparation of skaters for the World Cup. 3. USSR championship in weightlifting.

Temporary description

Physical exercise and sports professionals Riga Carriage Works. Portrait of skaters, sprinters S. Khlebnikov, V. Kozlov, V. Muratova. Championships in weightlifting in Donetsk (weightlifters A. Saydulaev, Yu Zakharevich, L. Taranenko).

Reel №1

1. Educational and sports facilities Riga Carriage Works.

Vacationers adults and children to ski and sled.

Members of the factory hockey team play in hockey.

Vacationers playing football in the snow.

Competitions on the change of norms TRP - ski cross.

Competitions on the ice boats under sail.

2. Ready to start skaters, sprinters S. Khlebnikov and Vladimir Kozlov.

Views coach Vladimir Muratov.

Qualifying match before the World Cup - at a distance of Kozlov and A. Medennikov.

Athletes at the finish.

Skaters S. Khlebnikov and EA Kulikov at a distance at the finish.

Watching fans.

Skaters on the medical examination, and in the locker room.

Coach V. Muratov with athletes in training.

S. Khlebnikov and Vladimir Kozlov during training.

3. The opening ceremony of the championship - are athletes and weightlifters, athletes girl presented with bread and salt.

Watching members of the jury.

Athletes "pushing" the bar - different plans.

Read the cameramen.

Address weightlifters A. Saidullayev, LA Taranenko, and Yu Zakharevich.

Unsuccessful attempt to take the weight lifter D. Riegert.

Yu Zakharevich sets new world record.

Yu Zakharevich on the podium.