Soviet Sport 1982 № 4 On V Spartakiad peoples of the USSR

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuseeva L.

Operators: Artseulov K., Voinov O., Ermolaev L., Zababurin V., Zaycev A., Pershin O., Serov G.


Special issue dedicated to V Winter Games of the Soviet peoples

Temporary description

1 hour, winter sports of the USSR in Krasnoyarsk. Opening. Slalom skiing. Ski sprint. Luge. Jumping. Speed skating. 2h. - Speed skating. Skiing. Ski Relay. Fall athletes.

Reel №1

In the streets of Krasnoyarsk are members Olympics, a car with flags.

Athletes at the stadium.

Talisman "Olympic Mishka" the symbolic baton Games mascot "sable Kesh."

The parade of athletes - participants in sport.

The audience is applauding.

Athletes are carrying, raising the flag of sport.

Champion in luge V.Yakovlev lights the fire of sport.

Alpine skier rise to the starting place.

Distance slalom runs L.Kedrina Reus.

The boys sit on a tree.

Slalom runs L.Fomicheva.

L.Fomicheva talks with his coach.

Preparing to start, runs track, finishing athlete N.Andreeva.

A camera man.

N.Andreeva with his coach.

Athletes skiers warm up before starting.

Starts, goes the distance slalom Andreev.

According to the ski stadium in Krasnoyarsk are skiers.

Athletes preparing skiing, warm up.


Burlakov skier starts.


Burlakov Highway 15-kilometer race, at the finish.


Burlakov talks with the coach.

Toboggan run on the slope of the ridge Torgashinskogo.

Athlete on channoy track.

Viewing audience.

Ready to start, runs track, finishing sannitsa E.Perminova.

E.Perminova congratulated on his victory in the competition among juniors E.Porosovu.

Start of two men: the champion of the world and S.Danilin M.Zavyalov.

S.Danilin and M.Zavyalov on the track, the finish on the podium.

Athletes with skis go up to the launch pad 70-meter ski jump.

Nicholas hill.

Skiers jump from a springboard.

Jumping skier A.Shakurov.

Viewing audience.

Stadium "Sputnik" in Divnogrske pass skaters.

Electronic display.

Skaters are preparing for the race at 500 meters.

Ready to start World Champion Sprint Speed ​​Skating S.Hlebnikov.

A shot from the pistol.

S.Hlebnikov on the course at the finish.

Reel №2

Starts, goes the distance, finishing skater A.Medennikov.

The stadium.

S.Hlebnikov starts at a distance of 1,000 meters, passes the distance, finishing.

Starts, finishing skater P.Pegov.

Race of women in the 500 meters, running, athletes finish.

A man cleans a special ice shovel.

World champion runner N.Petruseva.

A camera man.

N.Petruseva on the course at the finish.

The race among women in the 1000 meters.

Start, go the distance and N.Petruseva N.Glebova.

Athletes at the finish.

Coach congratulates N.Glebovu with a victory.

The sportsman on a cable car climbs the mountain beaver Log.

Skier starts, runs downhill; finish.

Runs track, finishing champion downhill skier V. Makeev.

Athletes on the downhill.

Viewing audience.

Start of ski relay.

Skiers on the course - different plans.

Skier Vladimir Nikitin, head race, passing the baton A.Zavyalovu.

A.Zavyalov goes the distance, passing the baton N.Zimyatovu.

N.Zimyatov passes the baton Yu.



Burlakov goes the distance, finishing.

Spectators run along the track to the finish line.

Stands with starting totals, protocol events.

Slalom falls on the track.

Skater falls in the distance.

The athlete comes off the sled on the track.

Skier falls.

Women's ski relay.

Skier on the track.

At the start of the relay - athletes from Moscow: I.Suslova, N.Shamakova, E.Makarova, L.Lyadova.

L.Lyadova on the track at the finish.

Women's ski team in Moscow - the winner of the Games.

Fire burns Games.

Closure of the Olympics, are athletes, applauding audience.

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