Soviet warrior 1982 № 4 Komsomol Air Defense. So learn paratroopers. Forty years later. In the distant garrison.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gavrilova M.

Operators: Istomin A., Maev V.


Meeting of young warriors of antiaircraft defense, standouts in combat and political training in the Komsomol Central Committee. About cadets S. Bolshakov, Sergeant A. Voronin, 19 elected delegates to the Congress of Komsomol. On the life and combat training of soldiers paratroopers airborne troops. Meeting Great Patriotic War veterans, pilots, members of the first bombing of Berlin in 1941 - E. Pusepe, VV Ponomarenko, with the young pilots of distant aircraft. On the work of a department store Voentorg called "Taiga", located in a remote garrison.


Defense and internal security

Temporary description

Moscow. Air defense fighters and yunarmeytsy - members of the military-sports game "Eaglet" lay flowers to the mausoleum. The meeting with the soldiers of air defense troops in the Central Committee of Komsomol. Speakers: DA Ohromy, SA Bobylev. Awarding ceremony of the Komsomol soldiers defense. Leningrad Higher Military-Political Academy. Chimes on the theoretical and practical training. Military exercises in one of airborne units. The opening of the monument to military pilots long-range aircraft, died during the Second World War. Present: Hero of the Soviet Union EK Pusep, retired colonel Vladimir Ponomarenko. Personnel chronicle of the Second World War: Estonia, Saaremaa island, in 1941, the Soviet military airfield (night scene), the pilots prepare for combat missions, pilot in the cockpit, explosions bombs on the ground, landing on the airfield at night. One of the military units. Military camp in the forest. Voentorg "Taiga". Vendors serve customers. Department of Textile cutting, book, shoe and other departments.

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