Soviet Army 1982 № 56 The first volley.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Fomina Z.

Operators: Nikonov V.

Text writers: Vasileva E.


The film tells the heroic stories of the first reactive-mortar batteries legendary "Katyusha", commanded by Captain Flerov and today's life and combat training of soldiers-mortar of the XYZ Guards unit.


Defense and internal security

Temporary description

Soldiers and officers of the reactive-mortar facilities study device interference, conducting classes in avtovozhdeniyu. Sending a rail truck "Ural" with rocket-mortar facilities to place the exercise. Training battle with rocket-mortar facilities. The officer in command (synchronous). Soldiers charging rocket launcher, rotate suggestive device. Shoot rocket launchers "Grad". Breaks on the field, off the land. Riding tanks, infantry combat vehicles, flying helicopters. Rest of soldiers and officers after the exercise. Reactive sites and mortar setting "Katyusha" on the sites of former battles. Newsreel story. Belarus. The first salvo "Katyusha" on railway junction city Orsha (14 July 1941).

Reel №1

Landscapes of the field.

Monument "Katyusha".

Birch, another monument "Katyusha".

Details of the monument.

Newsreel 1941-1945: on the bridge passing "Katyusha"; are "Katyusha"; firing Katyusha rockets; fleeing the Germans; smoke, fire, destruction; burning tank.

b / w photo of Captain Flerov, the battery which was ordered to strike out on new weapons Orsha railway junction.

Photos comrades Flerov.

Clouds, field.

Resting on the grass group of soldiers.

Soldiers Guard jet division in rocket launchers.

Soldiers clean, wash setting.

Guards sign on the cab car.

Straw run young soldiers.

Soldiers overcome the obstacle with fire (background voices of the soldiers, giving an oath).

Soldiers engaged in rocket launcher.

The commander of the platoon firing Guard Lieutenant Molodkin conducts classes for soldiers on combat crews installations. b / w photos of the first rocket launchers.

Listen to the soldiers (background voice commander).

Teacher shows soldiers mechanical sight installation, gives an explanation; listen to the soldiers.

Classes with the soldiers in the audience for driving is the Chief of Staff Division Guard Captain Skvortsov.

The soldier driving the car "Ural" with the rocket launcher, hand soldier, the soldier's face.

By polygon passing car "Ural"; soldiers in the cab of the machine.

The bridge passes "Ural".

An officer with a stopwatch.

"Ural" with the settings on railway platforms.

Soldiers loaded boxes into railway cars.

Supervises loading battery commander Guards Captain Sinelnik. "Ural" enters the railway platform.

Passing train with "Ural".

Landscape with the train.

The duty officer shall accompany the goods.

Passing trains, rails.

The soldier on the platform of a train.

Rural landscape with the train, in the foreground - people clean hay.

Newsreel rides the train with guns

Reel №2

Newsreel 1941-1945: flash rails (from the train); passes a train with soldiers, tanks, soldiers watching from the car of a train.

Landscape with the train, the soldiers look out the window of a train car; Railway station, elevator (with the train).

Passes a train with tractors.

Train with agricultural machinery (with the train).

The soldier looks out the window of the train.

Industrial landscape (from the train).

Military camp; Soldiers stand in formation, the officer making the roll.

Radio, campground (background radio announcer message about the construction of the gas pipeline "Urengoy-Uzhgorod Pomar").

Birch nest with birds, a military camp.

A soldier pulls the wheel of the car, soldiers inspect the engines of cars.

The officer checks a gas mask on a Soldier.

Soldiers in suggestive devices.

The officer is politbesedu soldiers, read them a message in the newspaper.

Listen to the soldiers.

Layout terrain officers.

The officer looks through the scope on another officer to do calculations; officer.

Soldiers and officers of the machines before the fight training, the officer gives them a job.

Formation of soldiers.

The soldiers ran to the cars, sit in them.

On the road and in the passing cars with rocket launchers.

Soldiers in the cab car.

Soldiers shoot Case with installation.

Soldiers in suggestive devices.

Soldiers load setting.

Commanders at the observation post.

The commander gives the command.

A soldier looks through the scope.

Fired rocket launchers.

In the broken shells.

Fly helicopters.

Passes tank.

Shots from helicopters.

Lit structure.

The tanks.

Lit land.

Passing cars with headlights on.

Soldiers in suggestive devices.

The driver in the cab.

Fires rocket launcher.

Shot gun from the tank.

Run and shoot the soldiers.

Passing cars with rocket launchers with headlights.

Landscape of the field with the setting sun.

Commanders on vacation.

Resting on the grass soldiers.