Pioneerhood 1982 № 12

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Musatova V.

Script writers: Sluckaya G.


1. The plot of the All-Union photo exhibition "Country pioneer". 2. The plot of the small peoples of the USSR - Nivkhi. 3. The story of the friendship of the pioneers of the two villages - Azerbaijan and Ukraine. 4. The plot of wind orchestra Riga high school number 21.

Reel №1

1. Moscow Palace of Pioneers.

All-Union photo exhibition "Country pioneer" for the 60th anniversary of the USSR. In the hall of the pioneers view photos.

In the photographs portraits of pioneers, veterans, animals, household sketches from different regions of the country.

2. The plot of "On distant shores."

North of the island of Sakhalin.

The smallest of the USSR - Nivkhi.

Nivkhi in national costumes dancing on the bank of the Amur.

Nivkhi children in school at their desks.

The teacher writes on the blackboard in the language Nivkhi.

Girls Nivkhi sew national clothes, boys cut the tree.

Folk dance ensemble on the beach. 3. The plot of "The History of a friendship."

The history of the pioneers of friendship of two villages - Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Azerbaijani school.

School Museum friendship.

Komsomolskaya communicates with Octobrists.

Stack of letters from friends from Ukraine.

Komsomolskaya with a pointer in museum exhibits and photos.

Octobrists listen attentively.

Photo brotherly Ukrainian-Azerbaijani graves of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.

Photo war hero Suleiman Mamedov.

Azerbaijani students at a party in the village Bogdanovskaya (Ukraine).

Children go with their bags.

Children work in the student production team.

Children weed beds.

Boys work in the boiler room.

Festival in the village Bogdanovskaya.

Are columns of students from different republics of the Soviet Union in national costumes.

Speakers folklore ensembles.

Children clap. 4. The plot of "Hello, orchestra!".

Brass band rehearses secondary school № 21 Riga.

Conductor Ivan Mikhailovich Ritushevsky.

Children playing on wind instruments.

Morning views of Riga.

Children go to school.

Ritushevsky rehearsing with drummer.

Children with the tools in the park.

Says the young trumpeter (synchronously).

Citizens are watching a rehearsal in the park.

School band plays at the port.

Ship "Vatutine."

Citizens horn listen to music.

School Orchestra with conductor marching through the square.

Portrait of smiling citizens.




Moscow Sakhalin Region Azerbaijan Ukraine Riga

Culture and Arts; National culture; Childhood and youth; Education