Soviet Sport № 8 What are our years. (1984)

Newsreel №14229, 1 part, duration: 0:09:27, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Zhukovskaya I.
Camera operators:Voinov O., Petrosov R.


Thematic issue devoted to the film chronicles the 60 anniversary of the newspaper "Soviet Sport".

Temporary description:

Revision of the newspaper "Soviet Sport": chief editor of VM Gavrilin in his office, the international department of the publisher. Newsreels sports parade in Moscow (20 years), one of football matches involving the goalkeeper Lev Yashin (50-s). L. says Yashin (sinhr.) on the newspaper "Soviet Sport", a famous footballer, editor of "Football-Hockey" V. says Monday (sinhr.) on its way sports journalist. The meeting and conversation correspondent of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" Leonova with hockey player - goalkeeper Vladimir Tretiak. Fragments of a hockey match (newsreel). Journalist Korshunov in the classroom for the rhythmic gymnastics (aerobics). Opening of the Luzhniki international competitions "Druzhba-84".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People buy the newspaper "Soviet Sport".

Girl reading a newspaper "Soviet Sport".

Chief editor of VM Gavrilin in his office talking on the phone.

Jubilee edition of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" for July 20, 1984.

Newsreels of the 1920's:

Sports parade on Red Square in Moscow.

Sporting events - an athlete jumps over the "horse", throws the disc, podneimaet post.

Turned over issues of newspapers.

VI Gavrilin says the popularity of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" (synchronous).

Photos in the newspaper.

Interviews readers (synchronously).

Lev Yashin and former football player, editor of Football - Hockey (Annex newspaper Soviet Sport) B. Monday among the spectators at the stadium.

Newsreels of the 1950's:

Lev Yashin in goal, Lev Yashin handed the cup.

A. Yashin said of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" (synchronous).

Fragments of a football match.

B. Monday talks about his work journalist (synchronously).

B. Monday in his office talking on the phone.

Correspondent of the newspaper "Soviet Sport", a former hockey player Leonov talks with coach Vladimir Tikhonov, interviews W. Tretiak (synchronously).

Fragments of the hockey matches, the Soviet ice hockey players with cups, ice hockey players are photographed.

Photos of athletes.

Department of illustrations in the newspaper "Soviet Sport".

Preparing images for printing.

Steeplechase; cyclists on the road; competition in canoeing, troynoypryzhok in length - shorter plans.

At the park strolling parents with children.

In the gym kids play basketball, do some exercises.

Girls on aerobic exercise.

Journalist, a former athlete pyatiborets Korshunov said about the mass physical training, the importance of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" (synchronous).

Aerobic exercises - different plans.

People buy a newspaper kiosk "Soviet sport".

Department for International Sport at the newspaper.

Editor of the St.

Bliznyuk discusses with officials the plan number.

Article in the newspaper, devoted to international sports.

Opening the Luzhniki International competitions Druzhba-84 ".

Read the press photographers.

An article and picture in the newspaper "Soviet Sport", to mark the start of the competition "Druzhba-84".

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