Soviet Sport 1984 № 9 Club "Triton". I cherished features. In the fast water.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Panin A.

Operators: Yatsura A., Egorov YU., Voinov A., Panin, Petros P.


1. Club "Triton" diving. 2. Men's hammer throw competition at the international competitions "Druzhba-84". 3. USSR Championship in slalom.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - Sports and prospecting club divers "Triton" in the town of Viljandi, Estonian SSR: members of the club in the classroom with an instructor during the dive. 2syuzh. - International competition "Druzhba-84": hammer throw, the competition among the participants of the double Olympic champion Yuri Sedykh champion, and S. Litvinov. 3syuzh. - Championship of the USSR on Kayak Slalom in Pervomaisk Nikolayev region. , Athletes on the track.

Reel №1

1. City of Viljandi (Estonia) - at home, the street cars pass, pass people.

The club members diving "Triton" in tactical exercises under the guidance of the submariner A. Topsona - learn scuba unit, the rules of diving and safety.

Scuba divers plunged into the water.

Scuba divers on the seabed.

Attractions and historic sites in area Viljandi.

Lake Viljandi.

Scuba divers carry out archaeological research on the lake bottom.

Scuba divers take out the bottom of the arms of the Great Patriotic War.

Members of the club kinogruppe Triton assembled and look amateur film about the activities of the club.

2. An athlete throws the hammer.

The competitions are being prepared - the world champion Sergey Litvinov, and two-time Olympic champion Yuri Sedykh.

Read the press photographers and cameramen.

Litvinov, and Yu Sedykh hurls a hammer.

Watching, applauding the fans.

Placards with the results of the competition.

Stand Litvinov, and Yu Sedykh.

3. Tented training camp on the shores of the Southern Bug.

Rowers A. Vengerovsky and S. Rublevsky on the riverbank.

Athletes and canoeing overcome obstacles on the mountain river - different plans.