Moscow 1986 № 72 Moscow today and tomorrow

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Skitovich V.

Operators: Komm R., Kondakov S.


Film-Moscow: the streets. educational institutions, industrial enterprises and monuments

Reel №1

Moscow - different.

Along the street are people - Various.

School children on the streets, on the reverse - different.

Elementary school students at their desks - LS., MS.

Boy (years 11-12) meets in class - LS., CU.

High school students work at computers - different.

Computer screen - CU.

Hands on the keyboard - different.

Students face - different.

High school students are typing - CU., PNRM.

Vocational school students in the factory at the bench, talking with a mentor - different.

A worker at a lathe - CU.

Machine works with program management - MS.

Factory shop "Stankokonstruktsii» - LS., MS., PNRM.

Shop management with modern computer equipment - MS.

A worker at the screen - CU.

Persons working - CU.

Control panel with lighting schemes - CU.

The streets of Moscow from the bus window - LS., Travel

New Moscow - LS., CU.

Krylatskoye - different.

Are the cranes - CU ..


View from the window of house under construction, welder - CU.

Moscow - removed from the top point, LS.

Sale of vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes at the fair - different.

Fried skewers - CU.

Selling watermelons, grapes, honey - are different.

Vegetable showcase Fair - MS., PNRM.

Men hang a sign Fair - LS., MS.

View of St.

Basil the alley - different.

Working crane, excavator - CU.

The reconstruction of the Tretyakov Gallery - Various.

Reconstruction of the Moscow Art Theater - different.

Bolshoi Theatre - different.

Signs studio theaters being granted professional - LS., MS.

Maple Leafs - CU.

On the boulevard children play are pensioners with prams - different.

Boulevard - MS.

Doctors in medical devices - different.

Maternity hospital: are newborns - MS.

Babies dressed, fed from a bottle - different.

View of the Cathedral through the arch - MS., PNRM.

Reconstructed monuments - different.

Square: branches larch, verdant - CU.

The building in scaffolding, citizens help the restoration of monuments - different.

Cathedral - MS.

Exhibition of amateur artists in the Bitsa forest park (winter): play amateur musicians, artists sell their paintings - different.

Watching people - MS.

A man carrying a tray with toys - CU.

The artist draws a portrait of a man - MS.

Moscow Street, hit a poster - MS.

Car traveling on the highway - MS.

ZIL workshop, machinery on the assembly line - MS., CU ..


It should work - CU.

Truck "ZIL-131" on the assembly line - CU.

Conveyor - MS.

Workers at the truck assembly - MS., CU ..


New machines on the ZIL - LS., PNRM.

Machinist - CU.

Hands - CU.

Construction of new factory buildings - CU., LS.

Are the trucks ZIL - CU., PNRM.

Travel on Gorky Street (Tverskaya Street) - Various., Removed from the movement

Moscow - LS., Shot from the top of