Around the USSR № 223 (1987)

Newsreel №14605, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:09
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kiselev S.
Screenwriters:Karadzhev B., Sheynin B.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Movie №0

Hot shop smelter.

Span near the platform with the oil rigs at sea.

Graders come from the factory.

At the construction site crane carries concrete blocks.

Assembly-line production in an automotive plant.

Robot machine in action.

Shop Factory Production Association Moscow automatic lines.

The crane carries the structure.

Design Bureau engineers for Kuhlmann.

Young people at computers.

Spinning reel with magnetic tape.

PNRM. on the shop floor equipment.

Designers with the drawing in hand to discuss the problem.

Test automatic line on the bench.

In operation, parts and components of the mechanism.

PNRM. enclosures for Novopolotsk production association "Polymer".

Line-line production of synthetic products.

Control center automation equipment, engineer monitors the readings.

Transparent plastic bags filled with polymer powder.

Automatic storage bags with production plant.

PNRM. on homes, passers.

On park lane are four women with prams.

Flower bed along the walkway.

PNRM. on plant equipment.

The head of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev meets with the team of Riga VEF production association, visiting the shop, talking to workers.

Device order meals in the dining room.

On the belt leaves a tray with a plate of food.

The functioning of the automatic line in the cafeteria WEF. Cafeteria without visitors.

Showcases products and semi-finished goods.

Workers in white coats at the assembly plant production.

Performance on stage ensemble singing in Hebrew.

Stand printed products on the streets of Moscow.

On display kiosk several issues of the magazine "Sovetish Geimland" in Hebrew.

A sign on the building: "The editorial board of" Sovetish Geimland "(Soviet Motherland)." PNRM. the logs on the table.

Discussion at the desk in the office of the chief editor Aaron Vergelis.

Interview writer Gregory Polyanko (synchronous and behind the scenes) about Jewish writers of the Soviet Union.

PNRM. Note, by the books Lurie and other writers.

The Editorial Board is looking issues of the journals, illustration.

Evening meeting of representatives of Jewish nationality in different countries.

PNRM. presidium on stage at the table.

On the podium, General DA Dragoon, listening in the hall.

Flipping pages of the magazine "Sovetish Geimland."

Photos from the press conference of Soviet Jews who returned from Israel.

Composer Michael Gluz, artistic director of the Chamber Jewish theater in the magazine gives interviews (synchronously) on the development of the Jewish national culture in the USSR.

Posters Jewish musical theater.

Performance on stage artists of the ensemble, singing and dancing.


Gorbachev MS - The first President of the USSR. Dragoon D. - Soviet military and political leader, Colonel-General, Hero of the Soviet Union. Gluz MS - Composer, People's Artist of Russia.

Locations: Moscow [820] NovoPen

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