Around the USSR 1987 № 224 Soviet House on Friedrichstrasse.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Fomina Z.

Script writers: Fomina Z.

Operators: Baykov V., Nikonov V.

Text writers: Gurkov G.


The activities of the House of Soviet Science and Culture in Berlin.

Temporary description

The activities of the House of Soviet Science and Culture in Berlin performances of Soviet Writers V. Bykov, Granik and others, ensembles (trio "Meridian"), conferences, debates, devoted to different topics.

Reel №1

Cathedral and Tower on the streets of Berlin - LS. from the top of

Platz in Berlin - LS. from the top of

Go down the street girls in national costumes and actor in a bearskin - MS.

People on the streets - are different.

Horse-drawn carriage rides - LS., PNRM.

Plays the organ grinder - MS.

It takes a military brass band - CU., PNRM.

Start international cycling world: traveling cyclists, cars with spare bikes - MS., LS., PNRM.

People in the street cafe - MS.

Monument to the leader of German communists Ernst Telman - LS.

House of Soviet Science and Culture on Friedrichstrasse, hammer and sickle over the entrance - MS., CU.

Lobby - LS., PNRM.

SED Politburo member, president of the German-Soviet Friendship E. Myuhenberger gives interviews (synchronously in German) - MS., CU.

The people at the desk in the office - LS.

Visitors climb the stairs, the bookstall - MS., CU., PNRM.

Exhibition of Krasnogorsk memorial museum of German antifascists: newspapers, photographs, leaflets, posters - CU., PNRM.

Photos of Karl Liebknecht - CU.

The people at the booth - LS., PNRM., CU.

In the language lab was built as students of the Faculty of Slavic them.

Humboldt - CU.

The teacher and students speak in Russian (synchronous) - CU., PNRM.

Reading room: shelves with books, people do - LS., PNRM., CU.; Reading books, newspapers - MS., CU.

Librarian gives books - CU.

Stand with Russian books - CU., PNRM.

Soviet aircraft writer Vasil Bykov autographs visitors of the House of Soviet science - CU., MS., PNRM.

Bykov give flowers - MS.

Participants met the reading conference with Soviet writer Mihalas Slutskisom - MS., CU. those who hear.

Sluckis says (synchronously) - CU.

Scene from Shostakovich's opera "The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda" performed by artists of German State Opera (simultaneously in German) - CU., LS., PNRM.

Directed by rehearsing - MS., LS.

Exhibition of Soviet art and applied art - LS., PNRM. the hall.

Painting - CU., Hitting.

Pitchers, copper utensils, carpets, etc. - CU., PNRM., LS.

German women talking with Soviet artist Nina Goldin, exhibitors (synchronously in Russian) - MS., CU., PNRM.

Work N. Goldin, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Berlin - CU.

Reel №2

Youth debate: "The contradictions in the history of the Komsomol" (simultaneously in German and Russian) - MS., CU., PNRM.

Listen to the Hall, speaker stands - MS., LS., PNRM.

Days of Soviet music: Chamber Orchestra performs the Lithuanian SSR (artistic director and conductor S. Sondeckis) (synchronous music of Shostakovich) - LS., Hitting, MS.

Listening to applaud, S. Sondeckis presented with flowers - MS.

Conference "Book in the service of scientific and technological progress" - people talking at the table - different.

Said Deputy Director of the University Library, Dr Peter Paul (synchronously in German) - CU.

The logo of the exhibition "Science and Engineering Students» - CU.

Visitors to the exhibition - LS.

The stand of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and Academy - MS., PNRM., CU.

The exhibition - model aircraft - CU., PNRM.

Cars - exhibits of Soviet exports - LS., PNRM.

A child plays on the stairs - MS.

Children watch cartoons on the VCR - different.

In the foyer of the House Science of a band, a singer sings (simultaneously in German), people dance - MS., PNRM.

Bar - LS., MS.

A meeting of Soviet and German filmmakers, says director Karen Shakhnazarov - different.

The audience in the concert hall of the House of Soviet Science - LS., MS.

Ballet dancers German State Opera Ballet perform an excerpt from "Domino" L. Altendorf (pantomime) - CU., MS.

Soviet trio "Meridian" sings the song "Beautiful far" (synchronous) - MS.

Children's ensemble named Hermann Duncker performs the song "Berlin musical clock" (sung simultaneously in German and dance) - MS.

The audience applauded, waving children - MS.

The lobby houses science speaks Soviet cosmonauts and other Russian and German - CU., MS., PNRM.

House of Soviet Science and Culture, the dove of peace in the house - LS., MS.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park - LS.; Wreaths at the monument - CU.

Blooming lilacs - CU., PNRM.

Area in Berlin - LS., PNRM. from the top of

Blooming apple trees, leaving the TV tower - MS.

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