Soviet warrior № 1 And I saw it all himself. (1989)

Newsreel №14674, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:51
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:A. Mamontova, V. Mamontov
Screenwriters:M. Shaposhnikov
Camera operators:V. Mamontov
Sound mixer:P. Pivovarov
Other authors:V. Shishov


The plot of the film review tells about the consequences of the earthquake in Armenia, about the help of soldiers of the Leninakan garrison in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

One of the officers who arrived to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake in Leninakan in December 1988, tells about the actions of military units to rescue people (synchronously and behind the scenes).

View of the destroyed Leninakan (from above).

View of one of the settlements in the foothills.

Panorama and views of the destroyed quarters of Spitak and Leninakan (from above).

Panoramas of buildings destroyed by an earthquake.

Residents of Leninakan and the military on the streets among the ruins, a military convoy is moving.

A female serviceman of the Leninakan garrison tells about what she and her family had to go through during the earthquake (synchronously).

Smoking ruins of buildings (panorama).

A hospital tent among the ruins.

The ruins of Leninakan houses, people at the ruins.

An elderly woman is crying and wailing, standing at the ruins of a house, a woman's face.

People are making their way through the ruins, looking for the surviving things (panorama).

Human remains among the ruins.

Removal of the bodies of the dead on a stretcher.

A man in the ruins is crying for his dead relatives.

One of the military men talks about his first impressions of what he saw in Leninakan, about the miraculously saved family (synchronously and off-screen).

Panorama of the ruins of a residential building.

Children in the arms of mothers left homeless.

A street clock on a pole that stopped at the beginning of the earthquake.

The ruins of one of the buildings.

One of the servicemen tells about the rescue of his son and the death of his wife (synchronously and off-screen).

Panorama of a part of the ruins.

People are dismantling the ruins with their hands.

Officers and soldiers on the analysis of the ruins.

A view of a dilapidated building, people sitting on a surviving sofa among the ruins.

People bake potatoes in coals on asphalt.

A woman's face.

A children's book and a school bag among the ruins.

A soldier lifts a veil from the snow, a woman's shoe in the snow.

The face of a teenager sitting on a surviving chair.

The officer tells about the rescue of the boy from the ruins, about his actions to save people (synchronously and off-screen).

View of the surviving wall of the building.

Types of destroyed buildings.

Sheets tied in a knot and hanging from the window opening.

Panorama of a part of the building with a collapsed wall and open interiors of apartments.

Balconies of a damaged apartment building.

People and equipment on clearing the ruins of the house, a view of the skeleton of the building.

Loading coffins with the bodies of the dead into trucks, crying relatives.

Extraction of corpses from the ruins.

Rescuers and military break plates with crowbars.

One of the military tells about the rescue of people from the ruins (synchronously and off-screen).

Search for victims with the help of a dog.

The faces of the soldiers.

Search for victims under the ruins.

Calendar: 12.1988 1989

Locations: Armenia [12]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A house with a collapsed wall, the furniture of apartments.

Types of ruins.

A military doctor tells about the manifestations of national hatred towards Azerbaijanis (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Panorama of snow-covered ruins.

People on the streets of the surviving quarters of Leninakan.

Monument to the writer and poet Avetik Isaakian.

Arrival of a truck with humanitarian aid.

The officer, a Georgian by nationality, speaks about his kind attitude to the Armenian people, condemns the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict (synchronously and behind the scenes).

People gather in groups on one of the squares of Leninakan.

View of a part of the destroyed temple.

The faces of old and young people.

View of a part of the destroyed factory shop.

Dismantling of ruins with the help of cranes.

Fragments of a concrete slab lifted by a crane.

A man walks past coffins standing on the asphalt.

Uncontrolled distribution of humanitarian aid, things and clothes from trucks and dump trucks.

A woman's face.

One of the dump trucks starts moving, people follow him, demanding the continuation of the distribution.

A man takes out a stack of books from the ruins.

A man carries a surviving kerosene lamp.

A man's face.

Men among the ruins commemorate loved ones.

Distribution of bread to victims of the earthquake.

A smoking chimney over an army bakery tent.

Bakers put pallets of bread on the ground.

Officers talk about the work of the only bakery (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Fresh bread on wooden pallets.

Soldiers transport pallets of bread on a cart.

Engineering equipment on the analysis of blockages.

The driver eats bread, drinking from a flask.

An officer is drying his boots by the fire.

The face of one of the driver mechanics.

A soldier eats from a pot.

Soldiers are resting by the campfire.

The officer talks about the need for better leadership and organization of rescue operations (synchronously and behind the scenes).

The stopped street clock, analysis of blockages with the help of a crane.

Local residents talk about the shortcomings in the organization of assistance to victims of the earthquake (synchronously).

Distribution of packages with dry rations from the building window.

The faces of people holding out their hands with humanitarian aid coupons.

A convoy with humanitarian aid is passing by.

An ambulance is coming.

A leaflet with the text of an appeal to the workers of Leninakan.

Armed military patrols on the streets.

Trucks with humanitarian aid are coming.

The officer tells about cases of looting (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Inspection by the military patrol of the car of the detained looters.

Inspection by the military of cars leaving the disaster zone, things and products found in the trunks.

The detainees are arguing with the patrolmen.

Panorama of the surroundings of the checkpoint.

Panorama of a military tent camp.

Calendar: 1989

Locations: Armenia [12]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Movie №0

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