VSHV. (1954)

Film-document №15017 13 parts, Duration: 1:42:16 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Operators: Belyakov V., Kiselev A., Grek A., Gusev B., Efimov E., Zakharova G., Levitan A., Sologubov A., Schekutev A.

Temporary description

1h. (261 m). - A meeting to mark the opening of the exhibition. At the podium: Shvernik, VA, Malenkov, NM Pegov, P. Lobanov, SA Akzhov, EA Furtseva, Lysenko, Tsitsin , I. Yakushev, V. Mackiewicz, IA Benedictine. Pavilions, fountains. 2h. (209 m) -. Pavilions: Kazakh, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Latvian and other republics. 3h. (225 m). - Stages: Ukrainian. , Belorussian, Georgian, Turkmen republics (external and internal view). 4h. (241 m). - Stages: Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Customers in the halls: cotton, fruit-and grape growing. 5h. (264 m). - Stages of Azerbaijan, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Lithuanian-Finnish Republic. Hall of Siberia. Customers visiting the exhibits. 6h. (203 m) - Hall of the Moscow region. Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture of the USSR. 7h. (257 m). - Aviary pavilion "farming". Racing pin circle, there Tsitsin NV, Yakushkin, IV Demo cattle farms "New Life" and "October 12". Pig farms. PA Malinin shares her experience with the milkmaids. 8h. (224 m). - Tsitsin with the Armenian collective farm in a cornfield, with a collective farm from Zaporizhia region visiting the areas of wheat crops. The meeting in the conference hall VSHV on the occasion of awarding of the exhibition, the award receives Tsitsin. 9h. (227m). - Visit the exhibition of foreign delegations: pass negros, Indians, Chinese. Tour Clement R. Attlee. 10h. (192 m). - B. Bierut at the exhibition, a meeting of workers of state farms, MTS, farmers in Ukraine and Belarus in the conference hall. Stands Tsitsin. Pavilion of the Urals. Visitors at the exhibits. 11h. (137m). - TS Maltsev, Tsitsin and others pass through the exhibition, in Hall of mechanization and electrification of agriculture in the USSR examine the plow, designed Maltsev, in the pavilion of the Urals Maltsev talk with kolkhoz, collective farm stands in the House of Culture. 12h. (189 m). - A meeting to mark the opening of the exhibition. Stands IA Benedictine. 13h. (286 m, Fono). - Speaker IA Benedictine. Note. : Partially sync.