Murgab Oasis.. (1954)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Operators: Glider M.

Temporary description

1h. - (121m). Karakum Desert, survey work. 2h. - (190m). Karakum Desert. Construction of the canal. The ruins of the ancient city of Merv. 3h. - (231m). Ruins of the city of Merv; city Kushka; guards on patrol, the streets of the city, the lake city of Mari. Streets, the park. Garden in the sands of the desert, picking fruit. 4h. - (204m). River valley. Murgay from an airplane. Channels and canals, passing on the collective farm fields. Water in the fields. 5h. - (159M radio stations). Cotton fields: plant-breeding station of the collective farm "Red October" collective farm. Zhdanov; feeding cotton. Commission on the audit of the competition between the Uzbek and Turkmen SSR inspect the cotton, following the work of the cultivator. Neg: 1-160, 2-229, 3-315, 4-242, 5-183.