In the Antarctic. (1957)

Footage №15897, 15 parts
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:Eshurin V., Shmakov N.

Temporary description:

Film Chronicle of the Second Integrated Antarctic Expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, with the diesel-electric ship "Ob" and "Lena" and the ship "Cooperation". The task of the expedition is to work on a unified program of the International Geophysical Year. Antarctica. November-December 1956. "Ob" moves on the ice, off the coast of the village of Mirny. Airplanes, helicopters in the sky. The crew of "Obi" and members of the expedition. Among those present: G. Mallia, V. Malkov, GN Matveichuk, AP Dudnikov, B. Anic, M. Kuleshov. Meeting members of the expedition in the town of Mirny. "Cooperation", "Lena" in the sea, approaching peace settlement. The crew of the ship and the expedition. Among those present: Kirpichnikov biologist, scientist, forecaster G. Cartwright (USA), NF Grigoriev, VN Theology, MM Tollerban, V. G. Aver'yanov. Meeting members of the expedition in the Peace. The peace settlement. December 1956. Unloading "Obi". Installing meteopriborov. Present T. Cartwright, G. M. Tauber (USSR). December 31, 1956. New Year. Somov speech. January 1957. Construction of a sledge-tractor train. Building shield houses, installation of equipment. February 1957. The funeral of victims of the collapse of the edge of the barrier Buromsky N. and E. Zykov. Present: VD Tolubev, AI Winds, MM Komarov, MM Somov. Doctors Hospital Konstantinov and Lukitsky surgery. February 1957 Seeing tractor-sled trains. Train en route and during stops. The aircraft in the air, on the ice field. Pilot GP Moskalenko. Among the members of the detachment trains: Lazarev, VS Pelevin, P. A. Shumsky, BF Sanichev, N. Medvedev, MM Lyubarets, VT Matrosov, M. C . Kuleshov and others. Unloading of explosives from an aircraft. Works rig. Blizzard. Research Members of the detachment of the sledge-tractor train. Antarctica. 1957. Movement "Lena" along the coast of Antarctica. "Lena" on parking meters, the expedition members are engaged in research, udyat fish. Storm in the ocean. Strengthening the aircraft on the deck "Lena." "Lena" among the icebergs, the shelf Amery. Penguins. Unloading "Lena." Camp scientific expedition number 1. Flag of the Soviet Union over the camp. Landscapes of the West oasis. Lakes among the rocks. Rocks. Camp number 2. Mooring "Lena" to the iceberg. Organization camp number 3. Unloading the aircraft with the "Lena". Inspection and repair of aircraft. Return "Lena" at home. Powered crew at work. Scientific staff of the expedition generalize and write data, obtained during the research. Members of the crew "Lena", pilots, scientists of the expedition, among them: AI Dubinin, V. Bardin, IP Mazuruk, FV Pimenov, D. J. Komen, L. V. Klimov, SN Kartashov, K. Markov, P. A. Shumsky, BL Dzerdzievsky, P. Gordienko, AG Pozharskii, Polyakov, VV Gladkov, VV Malkov, AI Winds, MN Kaminsky, NV Zubov and others. Movement of the aircraft expedition. The crew at work. Somov in the cabin.

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